YouTuber Carry Minati is not afraid of trolling Salman Khan?

India Today E-Mind Rocks 2021 has started. Carry Minati one of India’s top YouTubers, attended this event. In the session Viral Sensation: YouTube’s Biggest Star Opens Up, CarryMinati talked about his career, content and other things with social media trolls.

What time do you like to work?

CarryMinati told that after the arrival of the Corona epidemic and the lockdown, he has started looking at the content from a different perspective. Earlier he used to work to promote his YouTube channel, but now he wants to bring more good content to the public, which has an impact on the people. Apart from this, Carey told that he prefers to work at night because it is a quiet time, when he does not have any problem and his attention does not get distracted.

Afraid of trolling others?

Recently, Carry Minati trolled Bigg Boss and made a video on it with the help of animation. In such a situation, when he was asked that now Carry has become a part of Bollywood and is working with Ajay Devgan. Tomorrow it may be that Carey will also get a chance to work with Salman Khan. Is he not afraid to troll Salman?

To this, Carry Minati said, ‘See, working with Salman Khan does not mean that I cannot troll him. Or working with Ajay Devgan does not mean that I cannot troll him. How much do these people know about entertainment. Know this a lot. As much as I know they don’t care about such things and secondly they understand what you are doing. What is entertainment?

Carry Minati was auditioning for years

Carry Minati is working in Ajay Devgan’s film Meday. He told that his relationship with acting has not been very good. But he has been giving auditions for films for years, because he wanted to work in the film. However, as a YouTuber, he also has this thing in his mind that if he is not behind the camera, then he cannot do anything special in front of the camera.

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