Will there be a cricket series between India and Pakistan? PCB Chief Rameez Raja said – it is impossible now

The newly-appointed chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Rameez Raja said on Monday that the resumption of the bilateral series with India is still impossible. He said that he is also in no hurry for this as his focus is only on the domestic cricket structure of the country.

This 59-year-old former captain was unanimously elected as the chairman. He formally took charge on Monday. He admitted that the post of PCB chairman is one of the most difficult roles in cricket. “It is a huge challenge and the Prime Minister (Imran Khan) had looked into all aspects before handing over this responsibility to me,” he said.

When asked about the possibility of resumption of bilateral series between India and Pakistan, Rameez said, “It is impossible right now, because politics has affected sports badly and the status quo is now.” We are not in a hurry in this matter as we have to focus on our domestic and local cricket.

He also expressed disappointment over the non-availability of Decision Review System (DRS) during the limited overs series between Pakistan and New Zealand to be played in Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Rameez said, ‘This issue of DRS shows that there is something wrong somewhere and I will look into it.’ I was also asked.

He said, ‘When I met the players of the Pakistani team, I told them that this time the equation should be changed and the team should be 100 percent ready for this match and they should do well in it.’ The PCB chief said that he wanted to. That the national cricketers play cricket regardless.

He said, ‘We should also be ready to face problems and lose matches. I told the players that they should not worry about their place in the team and play fearlessly.

No bilateral series played for 8 years

India has not visited Pakistan since the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. The series has not been played due to diplomatic and political tensions between the two countries. Relations between the two countries have been extremely tense.

The two Asian cricket giants have not played a bilateral series since 2013. Also, the two have not faced each other in the Test series since the 2007-08 season. However, there have been matches between the two teams in ICC tournaments and Asia Cup.

Cricket plays an important role in bridging the diplomatic gap between Islamabad and New Delhi. However, efforts to resume bilateral matches have failed to produce the desired results in the recent past.

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