Will Sidharth Shukla be cremated according to Brahma Kumaris rituals?

Actor Sidharth Shukla died on Thursday. TV and film stars are inconsolable due to his departure. Siddharth will be cremated today in Oshiwara, Mumbai. The special thing is that the last rites of the actor will be done according to the customs of Brahmakumari. Siddharth and his mother have been associated with the Brahmakumari Center for many years. Siddharth used to visit Brahmakumari Center often.

Aaj Tak had a special conversation with Brahmakumari Tapaswini Ben and learned how Siddharth Shukla will be cremated according to Brahmakumari rituals, how will the actor’s last journey be? However, in view of the Kovid protocol, changes can be made in the funeral rituals.

Brahmakumari Tapaswini Ben told how will the last rites be performed?

Brahmakumari Tapaswini Ben expressed grief over the death of Siddhartha. In the method of his last journey, for the sake of his immortal immortal soul, all of us will go and do meditation there and apply tilak to that earthly body. You will wear a necklace of flowers and a necklace of flowers. Everyone will chant Om. By doing meditation the connection with God will give good wishes to them. Tributes, wreaths and affection will be given to him. The method will be done in this way. We all are deeply saddened by Siddhartha’s departure. He was our dear brother.

Praising the actor, she said that he was a good and noble person. He used to practice meditation. He also studied our 7 day course. We used to study our daily discourse and apply it in our life. Due to which he was always associated with the Brahmakumari Center. Siddhartha came here on Rakshabandhan.

Was Siddharth Shukla an angry person?

Siddharth was called Angry Young Man. He had a taper issue. As seen in Bigg Boss. When Brahmakumari Tapaswini Ben was asked if Siddhartha was angry? In response, he said that I never felt that Siddharth was an angry person. When he went to sleep at night, then a person never gets angry when he sleeps. He used to play the role of anger. He respected everyone. lived cooperatively.

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