Why there was a ruckus over the video of the elderly beating and cutting the beard, know the full story of the Ghaziabad incident

The old man who is being beaten up in the social video. He has complained to the police in this matter. But about this video, it was being claimed in social media that the elderly belonged to a particular community and he was being forced to chant Jai Shri Ram.

Recently, a video from Ghaziabad, UP became fiercely viral. In the video, some people are seen brutally beating an elderly man. Not only this, a young man is seen cutting the beard of that old man with scissors. The youths are going on beating that elder. He is begging for mercy. But the accused are not listening to anything. Politics has also started about this video. The government and the opposition are blaming each other. Let us tell you that what is the whole story behind this video related to Ghaziabad?

Video made like this viral The video done like this went viral on social media The elderly person who is being beaten up in the viral video. He has complained to the police in this matter. But about this video, it was being claimed in social media that the elderly belonged to a particular community and he was being forced to chant Jai Shri Ram. That’s why he was being beaten up. Because of this the matter caught fire. The opposition got an issue. Other parties including Congress and SP intensified the attack on the Yogi government.

Earlier the auto drivers were accused of beating on the other hand, The police swung into action on this matter. Police officials said that the viral video is old and the accused have already been arrested in the case. Earlier it was said that some auto drivers had beaten up the elderly by taking them to a secluded place. Not only this, but apart from the beating, the youths who were beating had also cut the beard of the elderly with scissors. It is clearly visible in the video that the elderly person was very helpless and helpless in front of these youths.

The viral video is of June 5, But after the politics started on the video of the incident, the police swung into action. Investigation revealed that this video of vandalism is of June 5. Abdul Samad, a resident of Bulandshahr, had come to Loni in Ghaziabad that day. Then Parvez Gurjar and his associates beat up Samad fiercely. Actually, Sufi Abdul Samad works in making and selling amulet.

It is being told that the main accused Parvez Gurjar had taken the talisman from the elder to get rid of trouble for a member of his house. But that amulet was of no use. Parvez Gurjar’s anger erupted on that old man regarding this matter. Angered by this, he along with his comrades committed such barbarism with the elderly. Seeing this, the anger of the people flared up. But this video on social media was made viral from another angle. An attempt was made to give a communal color to the matter.

The victims and the accused belong to the same community But in the police investigation the whole matter was turned upside down. After investigation, the real story of this whole case came out. Superintendent of Police (Rural) Iraj Raja said that on the basis of facts, a case has been registered naming all these people. The investigation of the matter has been started. In this case, the police has registered a case against the accused only after receiving the complaint. Out of which three accused have also been arrested. The police has sent three people, including the main accused Parvez Gurjar, to jail. The victim and the accused belong to the same community.

According to the 3 arrested Ghaziabad police, including the main accused, the victim Sufi Abdul Samad and the accused Parvez Gurjar, Adil and Kallu already knew each other. Abdul Samad had given amulets to many people in the village. The police had also told that in this case, the main accused Parvez, Kallu and Adil have been arrested by registering a case under the relevant sections.

For the first time, a case was also registered against Twitter, In this case, the Ghaziabad Police has registered a case against Twitter in this case of the video of the elderly’s assault and indecency going viral. There is an allegation of inciting religious sentiments against Twitter. Apart from Twitter, the police have registered a case against Zubair, Rana Ayyub as well as 9 people under sections related to inciting religious sentiments. They are accused of spreading false information without verifying them.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted and attacked The matter took a political color after the video of the beating of an elderly man in Ghaziabad, UP, adjacent to the national capital Delhi, went viral. Rahul Gandhi raised questions by tweeting. Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi has attacked this by tweeting. Rahul has called it shameful. Rahul Gandhi has tweeted and said that I am not ready to believe that true devotees of Shri Ram can do this. He has further said in his tweet that such cruelty is far from humanity. Rahul Gandhi has said in the tweet that it is shameful for both society and religion.

CM Yogi gave an answer to Rahul, While CM Yogi retaliated on Rahul Gandhi. CM Yogi took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi by tweeting that the first lesson of Lord Shri Ram is – to speak the truth, which you have never done in life. CM Yogi wrote in his tweet- Shame that even after being told the truth by the police, you are engaged in spreading poison in the society. In the greed of power, humanity is being shamed. He also said that stop humiliating the people of Uttar Pradesh, to defame them.

MP Ravi Kishan also attacked Rahul In the case of beating the elderly, along with Rahul and Yogi, Gorakhpur MP and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Ravi Kishan also jumped. Ravi Kishan attacked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and said that Rahul’s tweet can incite riots between Hindu-Muslim. Common people will suffer amidst Hindu-Muslim politics.

Yogi’s ministers are not far behind UP government minister Mohsin Raza also did not lag behind. He said that there is rule of law in UP and no one will be allowed to take law in their hands. There are some people who want to disturb the social harmony of UP. These are date-eating people and will do the same thing. Mohsin Raza, Minister of State for Minorities, while talking to Aaj Tak said that no one will be allowed to take law in their hands. Be it a leader or a public representative. The way he was doing arbitrariness even after repeatedly warning Twitter. In such a situation, the matter of spreading religious hysteria has come out, which spoils the harmony of the society. This thing will not be tolerated in UP.

For the time being, after the truth of this whole matter came out, the words of the leaders have become calm. The police is conducting raids in search of other accused involved in the beating of the elderly. Top police officials say that soon the absconding accused will also be arrested.

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