Why there was a ruckus on Priyanka Chopra’s show, the actress had to apologize

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is being trolled for being a part of the show The Activist. Seeing the growing controversy on the show of Global Citizen, the actress has now apologized by sharing a long and wide post on social media. Priyanka Chopra has said sorry for being a part of this show. Before Priyanka, the makers of the show apologized for its format.

What did Priyanka Chopra write in the apology?

The actress wrote- I have been impressed by the power of your voice for the past weeks. Activism has always got its strength from its causes and effects and it always has an impact when people come together and raise their voice on an issue. You have been heard.

“The show took it the wrong way and I want to apologize as I disappointed many people by being a part of this show. Our aim has always been to simply focus on the people behind this idea and highlight its action and impact. I am happy to know that his stories are getting highlighted in this new format. I am happy to be associated with an institution that understands the ground realities, knows when to stop and when to start again.

Priyanka wrote, “There is a global community of activists who shed their blood, sweat and tears every day to bring about change in the world. But often his words do not come in front of the people. His work is very important and it should not only be recognized, but it should also be celebrated.

What is The Activist?

The Activist is a reality show. In which 6 contestants (social workers) have been divided into three teams. There will be two contestants in a team. They will fight for their chosen cause in the show. Each team will be given a famous host. Different tasks and challenges will be given to the team of activists, due to which there will be competition between them. They will also promote their issue during this time. These activists will be judged on the basis of online engagement, social metrics and inputs from the host. The activist who wins the show will get prize money as well as a chance to participate in the G20 summit.

Why the uproar over The Activist?

The entire controversy of The Activist Show is about its format and its three hosts. The show is being trolled due to competition among the activists in the show. People trolled the show for mixing activist and competition and raised their voice against it. People believe that by eliminating reality in this, it has been given an elite, capitalist and business minded approach. Priyanka Chopra, Usher and Julianne Moore are the hosts of this series.

Preparing to change the format of the show!

Seeing the growing controversy, Global Citizen announced in their apology that they would change the format of the show. Then shoot it. The competition element will be removed from the show. The Activist will be shot like a documentary.

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