Why only The Wire News has complete information about Pegasus Software?

Pegasus spyware is very much discussed at this time, it is an Israeli software which is used for spying. It is being alleged by The Wire that the Modi government has got the mobiles of 300 people tapped. It also includes some ministers, journalists and leaders of the opposition.

Our only purpose to raise this issue is that this news is being spread by only such a news agency which has never had any relation with the truth, it has only one purpose that how to tarnish the image of India in the world and the Modi government should be harmed. We have a lot of evidence to show that The Wire operates on a specific agenda. Now the question arises that why only they got this news and they are just revealing whether any other media agency did not get this news. With such disclosures, he is running his agenda and is making every effort to defame the Modi government. This can also be an agenda of him, whether he has brought this evidence by going to Israel or has that company called him and told him.

Our aim is not to defame anyone, our aim is to bring out the truth.
The Wire has not given any evidence yet, just disclosing if you have any evidence, then put it in front. For how long will they continue to mislead the public for their agenda, there are only those people in The Wire who start defaming the Modi government as soon as they wake up in the morning and do the same thing at night.

In the next article, we will reveal some of The Wire’s agenda which they have spread in the past and proved to be wrong.

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