Why male actors get more fees, Neena Gupta said- ‘The world of men is not meant for this issue’

Fees of male and female actors have always been an issue in the film industry. Many female actors debated many times regarding the high fees of male actors, but till date hardly any result has come out of it. Veteran actress Neena Gupta has also shared her opinion on this topic. He spoke on this in a sarcastic manner.

According to Spotboye, the pay disparity between Nina Male and female actors is nothing more than an illusion. Neeta said, ‘I liked this question of pay difference. Has a woman ever been paid more fees than a man in any profession? Look at a housewife, how much work they do. Have they ever been paid for this? No. Yes, he is definitely given money to bring home goods. But when she wants some personal stuff, she has to ask her husband.

Unhappy attitude of people towards women: Neena

Nina further says, ‘Whether you like it or not, this is the world of men. So whether it is home or office, Purusha is working all the time. Whereas a woman does more work than a man. You can say that men have a lot of stress at work. But a woman’s work never ends, from cooking to cleaning, to paying rent… and still people are unhappy.’

‘This salary difference discussion does not make any sense. Men come first.. then women. This has always been the custom.

Neena has moved on from this issue

Neena has accepted this serious issue of society, so she hardly has any hope of change in it. He said, ‘I am fine with this now. Being first means a lot of responsibility. I know what I am worth and what I should get. But I don’t think about that. Whatever happened in my life, I have never been stuck on any one thought. I went ahead. Life is never perfect for anyone. I did more than what I got.

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