Why did Russian President Putin say – Trump was talented, no hope from Biden

Russian President Vladimir Putin has coined hymns in praise of former US President Donald Trump while using slang words about current President Joe Biden. In a TV interview, Putin praised Trump and called him an “extraordinary person”. At the same time, the President made reprehensible remarks for Biden and called him a ‘career man’. Putin also said that he does not expect anything from Biden, who likes simplicity.

A portion of NBC’s Nightly News with Lester Holt aired Friday. In his first interview with the US news network since 2018, Putin told NBC News, “I believe that former US President Trump is an extraordinary, talented person, otherwise he would not have become US President.”

According to Fox News, Putin said, “He (Trump) is a colorful person, whether you like him or not. He doesn’t come from a big American family, he hasn’t been a political stalwart, and Some like him and some don’t like him but it is a fact.

Putin skimped on Biden’s praise and made a different assessment of him. The Russian president said Trump is fundamentally different from Biden. Biden is a career man. He was engrossed in politics all his youth.

Talking about Biden, Putin said, “He is a different kind of person. Yes, there are advantages and disadvantages to him, but not much can be expected from the current US President that he will do something.” Will make it big.”

Democrats in the US have been accusing Trump of being Russia’s favorite, while Biden has a tough stance on Putin. Putin said that US-Russian relations have deteriorated substantially.

America has been accusing Russia of human rights abuses. These include the case of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, suppression of opponents and interference in US elections.

Biden has even called Putin a ‘killer’. During the interview, NBC’s Keir Simmons also referred to allegations that Putin killed or imprisoned his political opponents. When Simmons asked Putin if he was a murderer, he laughed.

This interview of Putin has come to the fore when he is scheduled to meet Biden in Geneva on June 16. The White House, however, said the meeting was not a “reward” for the Russian president. The two leaders are expected to discuss Iran, North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, Syria, the Arctic, strategic stability, arms control, climate change, the corona pandemic and many other issues.

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