‘Whose hands are stained with innocent blood…’, talks on Afghan crisis in UNSC, Jaishankar surrounds Pakistan

Talk on terrorism and there is no mention of Pakistan, it is not possible. Similarly, when External Affairs Minister Jaishankar spoke on terrorism in the meeting of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the name of Pakistan also came up. Some of the attacks on Pakistan were with a direct name, while some were without taking names. In the conversation, Jaishankar also mentioned about the Mumbai attack, Pathankot, Pulwama attack.

At present, the UNSC is headed by India. In the midst of the Afghan crisis, the issue of ‘threat to international peace and security due to terrorist acts’ was discussed on Thursday. Jaishankar also spoke in this.

Jaishankar did the first attack on Pakistan without naming it. In this, he said that some countries want to weaken or break the ongoing common fight against terrorism. They have to stop doing this. Talking about the latest example, many such reports have come out, in which it has been found that Taliban has been getting support from Pakistan. Jaishankar said that in some countries UN declared terrorists and terrorist organizations work openly and get support.

Jaishankar counts some terrorist attacks on India

Jaishankar further said that India has faced terrorism on many occasions. Giving examples in this, he said, ‘The 2008 Mumbai attack is alive in our memories. The 2016 Pathankot air base attack, then the suicide attack in Pulwama are all the latest examples. We should never compromise with this evil.

Taking the name of Pakistan further, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said,

Terrorist organizations operating from Pakistan like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed are working continuously. They are getting a lot of encouragement there. India wants to tell the UN Security Council that there should not be a selective approach to terrorism. The External Affairs Minister further said that courage has to be shown to speak against those who do such double talk, who give facilities to such people whose hands are colored with the blood of innocent people.

Jaishankar further talked on ISIS. He said that he is mobilizing financial resources more vigorously. Claimed that in exchange for killing terrorists, bitcoins are being given in reward. Then referring to Pakistan, Jaishankar said, ‘ISIL-Khorasan (self-proclaimed module of ISIS) is more active than before in our neighboring country and is spreading itself.’

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