Where did America hide the atom bomb? Soldiers mistakenly shared photo

US soldiers have mistakenly shared such information, which contains important information about the location of the atomic bomb called ‘Brahmastra’. According to dailymail, this mistake was due to online learning apps, which were being used by American soldiers to remember secret places and all the information.

Soldiers stationed at European bases hosting nuclear weapons inadvertently exposed many sensitive details through apps that could be searched for top-secret information online. This information has been publicly displayed, including the classified locations of nuclear weapons and the secret codes used by members of the military.

The study supporting material in the shared picture is very detailed. This includes information about security and specific locations of nuclear equipment throughout Europe. They are used to help soldiers remember which basements within a base have nuclear weapons and which ones are empty.

Each flashcard set can be Googleed to get more detailed information. Although the presence of US nuclear weapons in Europe has been detailed in the past through various leaked documents, photographs and statements of retired officials, their specific locations are still officially undercover. Governments neither confirm nor deny their presence.

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