When Raj Kundra opened up on his first wife’s affair with brother-in-law

New Delhi: Businessman and actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra was arrested by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police in a case relating to the creation of pornographic films and publishing them through some apps on Monday night (July 19, 2021). 

Mumbai CP in a press statement stated, “There was a case registered with Crime Branch Mumbai in Feb 2021 about the creation of pornographic films and publishing them through some Apps. We’ve arrested Mr Raj Kundra in this case on 19/7/21 as he appears to be the key conspirator of this. We have sufficient evidences regarding this. The investigation is in progress please.”

Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty tied the knot in 2009 after he divorced his first wife Kavita.

Earlier, this year in June, Raj Kundra in an interview with Pinkvilla opened up on his first wife, “In a candid conversation, he told the entertainment portal that his first wife Kavita sold her soul during the divorce by blaming actress Shilpa Shetty when she herself was the reason why their marriage ended.

He said, “She sold her soul during our divorce; she had to present her bank statements and it was clearly mentioned she had been paid by the newspaper to sell a so-called scandalous story. She is blaming a celebrity for her broken marriage when she herself was the reason the marriage broke down.”

“We were living in one house with my mum, dad and my sister and her husband had moved over from India to try and settle in the UK. She grew very close to my ex brother in law spending more and more time with him especially when I was out on business trips. Many of my family and even my driver would say we sense something fishy between these two and I would never believe it. I gave my ex wife the benefit of doubt. I did everything I possibly could for both sides of the family because for me my side or her family is family, a principle I still follow today, ” he further said.

Reena Kundra, Raj’s sister, also talked about her feelings towards Kavita after she found out that her husband and Kavita were having an affair.

She told Pinkvilla, “I treated Kavita as my older sister. I loved and trusted her. She and I were very close. I never thought she could do this to me. It was heartbreaking”. 

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