Whatsapp group was formed for pornography, a film was being released every week… Revealed in Raj Kundra case

Now many revelations are being made about businessman Raj Kundra, who was arrested for making pornographic content. According to the latest information, Raj Kundra was part of a WhatsApp group in which the entire business related to porn films is discussed.

The name of this WhatsApp group is ‘H’ account, in which a total of five people including Raj Kundra were involved. All these people were also involved in this business of making pornographic content.

In the WhatsApp chats that have surfaced, Raj Kundra is talking about issues related to marketing, sales and payment of models of this business. Also, how to focus on revenue, how the model has been paid and how to increase the revenue of the business.

Significantly, the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police had arrested Raj Kundra, husband of film actress Shilpa Shetty last night. A case was registered against Raj Kundra in February 2021 this year. He was accused of being involved in the business of creating pornographic content and publishing them on mobile apps.

Understand this whole matter…

According to the information, so far 6 arrests have been made in this entire case. Mumbai Police claims that many evidences have been found against Raj Kundra. On Monday night at around 9 pm, Raj Kundra reached the crime branch office, Byculla, where the police interrogated him for about 2 hours and then arrested Kundra. At 4 in the morning, the police took him from the crime branch office to JJ Hospital for a medical test. Then he was brought to the Mumbai Police Commissioner’s office after investigation.

It is worth noting that Raj Kundra has been in the headlines earlier also due to many controversies, but this time the police have tightened their grip. A case was registered against Raj Kundra by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police in February 2021. He is accused of making pornographic films and releasing them on different OTT platforms. The police raided many places in this case.

These things came to light during investigation…

The police got many important clues for making obscene films and uploading them on the OTT platform. According to the police, the needy girls who came in search of work in the Mumbai film industry were trapped in the name of getting roles in big films. Films were released on a weekly basis.

After the film was made, millions were earned by releasing on the app and OTT platform. Investigation revealed that a bungalow was rented in Malad West, Mumbai. At the time when this bungalow was raided, the shooting of a pornographic film was going on. According to the Mumbai Police, an app named Hotshot was created to release pornographic films.

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