Whatever the capital of the country was made in 70 years, the Modi government has decided to sell it: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has expressed displeasure over the central government’s ambitious National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) program. He accused the Narendra Modi government of selling the country’s government resources through this scheme. On Tuesday, in a press conference, Rahul Gandhi said that whatever the capital of the country became in 70 years, the Modi government has done the work of selling it.

Rahul Gandhi said that Railways is being sold to private hands. PM is selling everything. Referring to PM Modi’s slogan, Rahul Gandhi said that BJP’s slogan was that nothing happened in 70 years. Yesterday the Finance Minister sold whatever was made in the country in 70 years. The Center snatched employment from the youth of the country, did not help in Corona, made three farmer laws for the farmers. Rahul Gandhi also surrounded the center on agricultural laws.

The Congress leader said that the Modi government sold roadways worth 1.6 lakh crores. The railway, which is called the backbone of the country, was sold for 1.5 lakh crores. The Center also sold GAIL’s pipeline, Petroleum’s pipeline, BSNL and MTNL. The central government is also selling warehousing.

Government is also selling railways!

Rahul Gandhi said that Railways is the backbone of the country. Poor man cannot travel from one city to another without railways. Government is selling Rs 1.50 lakh crore railways, 400 stations, 150 trains and railway tracks. While warning the railway employees, Rahul Gandhi said that if it is snatched from the railways and given to a private company, then your employment will also be in danger.

Rahul warns railway employees

Rahul Gandhi said that those who are railway employees, what will happen to you when the railways are handed over to China and made private. He also mentioned about power generation, GAIL’s pipeline, petroleum pipeline, BSNL-MTNL and warehousing.

Rahul Gandhi counted what the government is selling!

Rahul Gandhi said that 26700 km of National Highway, which is worth 1.6 lakh crore, 42300 power transmission, 8000 km of GAIL pipeline, 4000 km of petroleum pipeline, 2.86 lakh cable connectivity, 29 thousand crore warehousing and 2.10 LMT foot. The storage is being sold.

The government is handing over everything to the industrialists!

Rahul Gandhi said that the central government is also selling mining, 25 airports, 9 port 31 projects. The National Stadium is also being sold. It took 70 years to make them, they are being sold to 4 people. That’s the truth. Its gift is being handed over to the industrialists.

‘No privatization Congress against monopoly’

Rahul Gandhi said that Congress is not against privatization. But the Congress government refrains from privatization in strategic sectors to end the monopoly. The areas where the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) program is being implemented are all strategic sectors, where monopoly will now come. Prime Minister Modi is selling the Crown Jewels of this country.

People will be unemployed due to National Monetization Pipeline

Rahul Gandhi said that the result of handing over these areas to private sectors will be the same as I had warned about Corona. Due to the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP), unemployment will increase in the country. This is an attack on the youth of the country. I warned you on Corona, you joked. This time again I sow that as soon as the monopoly is formed, the employment will stop. This list is going to be available to only 4 people.

Whatever UPA made, PM sold it!

Attacking Prime Minister Modi, the Congress leader said that Modi is not a Prime Minister, but an instrument working at the behest of some industrialists of the country. The Modi government is selling everything that was built by the UPA. They have finished whatever the UPA has prepared for the country. Whatever the UPA has made, the Modi government is selling it.

What is the Central Government’s National Monetization Pipeline Scheme?

The central government is preparing to raise Rs 6 lakh crore by leasing out government properties like national highways, railway routes, stadiums, warehouses, power grid pipelines to the private sector for earning. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launched the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) program on Monday. He had said that the ownership of these properties will remain with the government, they will be given to the parties only to earn them. After a few years, these private companies will return it to the government. Leaders of opposition parties including Rahul Gandhi are opposing this decision of the central government on a large scale.

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