What will the cheapest smartphone JioPhone Next look like? Know its features

Today many announcements were made towards the company at Reliance AGM 2021. In this, in collaboration with Google, a new affordable phone, 5G was also announced. Google CEO Sundar Pichai was also present in this event. Google and Jio together introduced an affordable phone.

It is being called the cheapest smartphone in the world. Google has given information about this in the blog. It has been said in the blog that due to the epidemic, the dependence on online service has increased significantly. It is very important to have internet access for timely information. Because of this, they are bringing the cheapest smartphone together with Jio.

Millions of people in India who use feature phones want access to a smartphone. Due to unstability and affordability, this gap is not able to end. Google’s Android team was working on this so that its solution could be found. For this, Google invested in Jio Platforms Ltd last year.

Google has made a device with Android operating system and Play Store. This smartphone has been named JioPhone Next. This will prove to be very good for those who have never operated a smartphone. With this, people will get a powerful smartphone at a low price.

Apart from this, Google has created a voice-first feature in collaboration with the Jio team. With this, users can view and navigate the content in their own language on the phone. With this, you will also get a very good camera experience. The latest Android feature and security updates will also be given to seven users of this phone.

Users can early access the content in the Indian language of their choice. Users who are unable to read the content in any language due to any reason can translate the screen of their phone in one tap. It will also tell by speaking in their language. Google has said that on this smartphone, they have prepared Google Assistant in such a way that they give great experience to users with Jio apps.

With the help of Google Assistant, music can be played on Jio Saavn or balance can be checked on My Jio. Google has also said in the blog that having a camera is very important in today’s smartphone. Because of this, he has built the camera module of the phone with a partner so that the best photos and videos can be taken from the phone.

Google’s world class security will be given for malware protection in this phone. Millions of apps can be accessed in JioPhone Next from the Google Play Store.

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