What kind of films does Raj Kundra make? Gehna Vashisht, who has worked together, revealed

In the Raj Kundra case, the name of Gehna Vashistha has also come up. In such a situation, when aajtak.in tried to contact Gehna, Gehna has disclosed many things while giving her explanation. Let us tell you that there have been serious allegations like shooting of adult films and gang rape. She was in jail for the last few months. He is on bail these days as the charges against himself have not been proved.

During an exclusive interview given to aajtak.in, Gehna said, ‘I am currently out of Mumbai. I would like to say that the way people are talking about porn content, no film is porn. These are very bold and erotic films. Which does not come under the category of porn. It is being presented in a wrong way. I would like to tell them that unless you watch the film, how can you call it porn. Tagged any 30 films and trapped them. I think people also understand the difference between porn and adult films. Show people first and let them decide.

I have worked with Raj in three films

On working with Gehna Raj says, ‘I have worked with Raj Kundra in three films. I have worked as an actress in his films. Raj has never put pressure on me. And nothing has been hidden, it is not that something else happened on paper and something different is happening on the set. Worked in a very professional manner. With all the films I have done, it would be a big deal to say porn. There wasn’t too much erotica either. Rather than that, I have done more erotic scenes in Balaji’s dirty talk.

Raj is being wrongly accused

Gehna further says, ‘When I am working with her as an actress and there has been no pressure from there, then how can I believe that Raj has forced the girls to work. I was put in jail for about five months. There were allegations that I met on the set even though I was not on the set that day. I was called to the court on 7th. On 5th I was in the police station for the whole day, they did not find anything against me, then I was sent back, then after telling my concoction, I was sent to jail. Whatever was shown outside was different and what is the truth is completely different. I was accused of gang rape, I was sent to jail under 376D. Exactly the same is being done with Raj Kundra. Wrong happened to me too and wrong is being done to Raj too.

Raj was about to launch a new app

Gehna says on Raj’s future plans, ‘We have met many times at the office. We met for an app launch. Raj Kundra was about to launch an app called ‘Bolifem’, I was going to make a film for this app. For this we were also going to prepare a script, nothing more could be talked about.

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