What is the story behind the continuous meetings on UP, BJP’s eyes on these 8 sources

If sources are to be believed, the feedback received by the BJP leadership assesses that due to allegations of mismanagement in the second wave of Corona and the displeasure of MLAs-MPs, the party may lose a significant vote bank compared to the last assembly elections.

The way the feedback has been received about the UP government in the last few days, the BJP central leadership has lost its sleep. After getting the feedback, BJP has started exercising to save its fort in Uttar Pradesh. For the last few days, the process of meetings of BJP leaders from Lucknow to Delhi is going on because of how BJP should come back to power in UP.

If sources are to be believed, the assessment received by the BJP leadership is that due to allegations of mismanagement in the second wave of Corona and the displeasure of MLAs-MPs, the party may lose a significant vote bank compared to the last assembly elections. It is feared that BJP may lose about 100 seats. That is why the BJP leadership wants to compensate this loss in time. The BJP leadership is well aware that if necessary steps are not taken in time, this loss can increase and power may also go away.

According to highly placed sources of the party, BJP is working on 8 points strategy to regain the throne of Lucknow. The reason behind working a strategy on these 8 points is that it has been prepared on the basis of feedback received from senior RSS leaders, BJP observers and grassroots base. According to sources these eight threads are- 1) Leadership 2) Organization 3) Good Governance 4) Planning 5) Social Equation 6) Religious Polarization 7) Alliances and 8) Poor Welfare Schemes. The entire election strategy of the party will revolve around these eight points.

Leadership- BJP has made it clear that there will be no change in leadership neither in the government nor in the organization in the state. But whether the next assembly election should be contested by declaring the incumbent Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as the CM candidate or under collective leadership, it is yet to be decided. The BJP had contested elections under collective leadership while in power in Assam and Goa and has decided to do the same in Uttarakhand next year. There is still confusion on putting Yogi’s face forward because there is resentment among a large section of the party over his style of functioning.

Organization- The current state president of BJP Swatantra Dev Singh will not be replaced. However, an attempt has been made to attribute the defeat of the Panchayat elections on him. But BJP wants to chalk out the organization. Right now the formula of Thakur Chief Minister and State President of Backward Classes balances the equations of forward and backward.

Good Governance- Most of the MLAs complain about governance that it is dominated by bureaucracy. Efforts will be made to correct this perception in the next six months. The Chief Minister has been asked to increase communication with the MLAs. Instructions have been given to effectively take major government decisions on the ground.

Planning – The implementation of government announcements so far is being reviewed. Instructions were given to accelerate the pace of vaccination in the next six months. Special attention has been directed to focus on women and disadvantaged sections. Yogi government’s ambitious project Purvanchal Expressway is nearing completion. It has been asked to expedite the work on projects like Bundelkhand Expressway, RRTS. The foundation stone of Jewar airport can be laid by Prime Minister Modi in August.

Social Equation- BJP has received feedback that the resentment of Jats and Brahmins can be overwhelming. Efforts to woo these two communities will be intensified. Their representation in the cabinet expansion and organization can be increased. The message was given to the Brahmins by bringing Jitin Prasad. Some Jat leaders will also be given importance in the times to come.

Religious polarization- Issues related to fundamentalist Hindutva will be propagated. Steps like Anti Romeo Brigade, Law of Love Jihad, confiscation of property of rioters will be explained. The construction work of Ram temple in Ayodhya and development of Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi as spiritual cities will be cited. Things like Dev-Deepawali and the world record of lamp lighting in Ayodhya on Deepawali will be kept.

Coalition- According to the feedback, the allies were not given any importance in the last four years. That’s why Omprakash Rajbhar left and left. Now efforts are being made to persuade Apna Dal and Nishad Party. Anupriya Patel and Sanjay Nishad met Amit Shah on Thursday. He will be awarded in the cabinet and other government posts. New collaborators can be added. Winning candidates can be brought from other parties.

Garib Kalyan- Rs 230 crore was transferred in the account of 23 lakh daily wage laborers. Migrant workers were taken care of in the first wave. The government will start a scheme for the badly affected poor sections in the second wave. The government will take care of the orphan children.

This category will also be given priority in vaccination. It is true that the BJP has started taking big decisions regarding UP from the cabinet to the organization and at the grassroot level, but the question is that the BJP leadership has taken the complaints against the Yogi government from time to time. Why were your eyes closed?

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