What is the meaning of taking AK Sharma in the organization instead of the government? Who won in this tug of war?

When AK Sharma had stepped into politics after leaving the job of IAS, then there was talk of him being made a cabinet minister from Deputy CM, but after 5 months of becoming MLC, it became clear that he is currently in the Yogi government. There will be no role.

Arvind Kumar Sharma (AK Sharma), considered Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s confidant, was finally appointed as the vice-president of the UP BJP on Saturday. However, when AK Sharma stepped into politics after leaving the job of IAS, there was talk of him being made a cabinet minister from Deputy CM, but after 5 months of becoming MLC, it became clear that Yogi government is at present. He will have no role in it. In such a situation, should this decision be seen as a victory of Yogi Adityanath or has the central leadership found a political middle ground for the time being.

Arvind Kumar Sharma, an IAS officer of Gujarat cadre, had suddenly taken VRS in January this year and joined the BJP. The party made him a member of the Legislative Council. With the formation of MLC, it was speculated that he could be made the Deputy CM of UP, but even after five months, he did not get a place in the Yogi cabinet. In such a situation, now making him the state vice-president of BJP is also being seen as his ‘demotion’.

Actually, AK Sharma was not an ordinary IAS officer whose entry in UP BJP is not discussed. Sharma has been one of the most important and close officials of PM Modi. During his tenure as Chief Minister in Gujarat, Modi had kept him with him for many years and called him to Delhi when he became the Prime Minister. Till the time he was in the job, he kept working in all the important ministries with the central government, but with his landing on the political pitch of UP, all the speculations started being made. The BJP leaders of UP also started meeting him.

PM Modi brought AK Sharma into politics
AK Sharma himself had said that PM Modi brought him into politics and he also thanked the PM for this. In such a situation, the discussions of AK Sharma being given some big responsibility in the UP government had intensified but in the end nothing like this happened. If sources are to be believed, the central leadership wanted to see AK Sharma in an important role in the UP government, but Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was not ready for it. This was the reason that till the passage of five months, Arvind Sharma was neither given a place in the cabinet nor any other important responsibility in the government. Not only this, he was not even allotted a residence in Lucknow.

There were also reports of a standoff between the central leadership and CM Yogi Adityanath regarding AK Sharma. It was said that the Center wants to give an important role to AK Sharma in UP, while CM Yogi is not ready for it. Yogi did not want another new power center to be set up in UP by giving AK Sharma a place in the cabinet. Several meetings were also held from Delhi to Lucknow to resolve the deadlock between the central leadership and Yogi. If the central leadership had tried, then it could not stand in front of Yogi Adityanath.

Actually, BJP currently has no political alternative to CM Yogi in UP. In the last four and a half years, the kind of image of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister has emerged, many of his political rivals from four years ago have lagged behind.

Adjustment done in organization instead of government
Yogi Adityanath is known as the tallest leader in BJP after PM Modi and Shah and is considered the face of Hindutva. Not only this, he is also one of the favorite leaders of RSS. Assembly elections are to be held in UP after a few months. At present, no other leader is seen in UP BJP to compete with CM Yogi. The kind of aggressive style leader needed by the party, BJP does not have the option of CM Yogi. There were once strong leaders like Kalyan Singh, Kalraj Mishra, Rajnath Singh and Lalji Tandon in UP, but at present, the BJP does not have the leadership of the second line, which can be brought forward as an alternative to Yogi. That is why a step has been taken to adjust Arvind Sharma in the organization instead of the Yogi government.

Yogi’s stature increased due to Sharma becoming Vice President
The appointment of AK Sharma as the party’s state vice-president clearly means that at present, Yogi’s decision has been taken. The strength with which CM Yogi has made his point to the organization has increased his political stature. From Congress to SP, they have even quipped that why did they leave the PMO to become the state vice-president? SP spokesperson Udayveer said that despite the wishes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Yogi could not be included in the cabinet. To save the honor of AK Sharma, he was given a place in the organization. At the same time, Congress’s UP spokesperson Surendra Rajput said that Yogi Adityanath has overshadowed the central leadership in this entire power struggle. Instead of making AK Sharma a minister, it is the victory of Yogi and the defeat of the central leadership of BJP.

Strategy behind making AK Sharma Vice President
The appointment of AK Sharma as the vice-president of UP BJP may be seen as a victory for Yogi, but the central leadership also has a well-thought-out strategy behind it. It is believed that AK Sharma has been included in the organization because he could not get any special output in seven months by making him a minister. That is why the central leadership has given him a role in the organization instead of the government. Assembly elections are to be held in UP in February-March next year, in such a situation it was the compulsion of the BJP leadership that before the election, there should be no displeasure of Yogi or big discord in the party. This could have cost the party heavily.

Wrong message on change in government
Not only this, if there was any change in the government, it would have sent a wrong message to the public, which the central leadership does not want to take upon itself. In view of all these reasons, the central leadership has adjusted Sharma by entering the organization for the time being. AK Sharma hails from Mau district of Purvanchal and comes from the Bhumihar community. Within 10 days of joining BJP, on his request, the Railway Minister ran a special train between Delhi and Mau. Apart from this, in the second wave of Corona, PM Modi had entrusted the responsibility of AK Sharma to his parliamentary constituency Varanasi as well as Purvanchal of UP where he had done a better job in controlling the corona. For this, PM Modi had also praised him and now it is believed that by giving importance to him in the organization, politically many districts of Purvanchal can be given the workload.

BJP can give command of Purvanchal of UP
Let us tell you that after 15 years of political exile in 2017, BJP returned to power in UP, which now it does not want to let go of its hands under any circumstances. The reason behind this is that UP is considered most important for the political agenda of the BJP. Purvanchal is very important to occupy the power of UP. Only after winning the battle of Purvanchal, any party can capture the power of the state. 33 percent of the state’s seats are in this area. In such a situation, the party needed such a strong face in Purvanchal who could lead the party’s election campaign at the grassroots level in this area in the assembly elections. It is believed that the party can hand over the command of Purvanchal by making AK Sharma the state vice-president and after the 2022 election results, the central leadership will decide his role.

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