Vomited on the field, brought a wheelchair, yet this player won the gold

Olympic Games are considered to be the ordeal for any athlete because during these games the best players from all over the world put their best efforts and many times this leads to shocking results and the mental and physical strength of the players. Goes.

Something similar was seen in the Triathlon Games of the Olympics. Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway has won the gold medal showing amazing determination. The special thing is that 27-year-old Kristian was not even considered a claimant for gold. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

The Olympic Triathlon consists of swimming 0.93 miles, cycling 24.8 miles and running 6.2 miles. 27-year-old Kristian managed to beat Alex Yee of Great Britain in the 10-kilometer race.(Photo Credits: Getty Images)

However, due to the heat, Kristian’s condition had become very bad. As he crossed the finishing line, he was lying on the floor and was vomiting. His condition had become so bad that a wheelchair had to be arranged for him. After this, a medical team from the Olympics took him. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

It is worth noting that before the finish line, when Kristian realized that no one would beat him, he started dancing happily, but he fell down as soon as he crossed the finish line and he also vomited. Kristian said I had been waiting for this moment for years.(Photo Credits: Getty Images)

He further said that the blue carpet, the finish line and my desire to touch that tape of the Olympics always kept my dream alive. I feel very proud. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Kristian said that he knew that if he has to beat the younger players, then he has to put all his strength. That I was just focusing on my strength. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

It is worth noting that this is Alex Yi’s first Olympics and he managed to win the silver medal. Apart from this, Hayden Wild of New Zealand got the bronze medal. Both are 23 years old and both were considered to be contenders for a better Olympic medal than the 27-year-old Kristian. Apart from this, Johnny Brown Lee, who won the silver medal in the year 2016 and the bronze medal in the year 2012, had to be satisfied with the fifth place this time. (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

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