Viral video: Muslim man singing Mahabharat title song wins internet, netizens shout ‘aisa desh hai mera’ – Watch

New Delhi: The Internet can be a fun place especially if viral content wins the hearts of users. One such video of a Muslim man singing the title track of BR Chopra’s epic cult TV show Mahabharat has hit the social media and needless to say, he has nailed it!

Soon after it was shared on Twitter by Dr SY Quraishi, the former chief election commissioner of India, netizens showered this man in the video with all the love. ‘Beating the stereotypes!’ tweeted Quraishi. 

With comments hailing his crooning skills, users wrote: ‘Superb’, and ‘Fantastic’.

The Muslim man’s rendition of the opening title song of Mahabharat is so perfect that you will be smitten like most of social media users. It has been shared by multiple users on different platforms.

Quraishi’s video has garnered over 118.3K views so far and 7876 likes on Twitter. 

We really such videos to indeed the stereotype and monotony of mundane routine life. 

Doordarshan re-run the 80s-90s epic saga of Mahabharat amid the COVID-19 pandemic last year, getting a record views again. The lead characters of the epic saga – Shri Krishna, Arjun, Draupadi, Karn, Duryodhana amongst others are revered by the audiences across all age-groups. 

While Nitish Bharadwaj played the titular role of Shri Krishna, Gajendra Chauhan played Yudhishthir, Praveen Kumar as Bhim, Arjun aka Firoz Khan as Arju, Sameer Chitre as Nakul and Sanjeev Chitre as Sahadeva amongst various others.

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