Video: Taliban hanged American helper, hanged his body from helicopter and carried it around the city!

Afghanistan is going through the worst tragedy of this century. The Taliban is once again completely in power. US forces have withdrawn from Afghanistan. Now the Taliban has returned to its brutal form. A video is going viral on social media, in which a man is hanged with a rope through a helicopter. This aircraft is being flown in some area of ​​Kandahar. The person hanged is said to be a helper of the US Army.

It is believed that the Taliban has given such a cruel punishment to a person. Several journalists shared the video on Twitter, claiming that the brutal Taliban killed a man in Kandahar province and carried his corpse into a US military helicopter evacuated for patrol and carried it across the street. It is being claimed that this person is a helper of the US Army.

Footage purportedly shows a man hanging from a US military helicopter. The Taliban is using it to patrol Kandahar province after the US military left. The video has been shot with ordinary cameras, due to which it is very difficult to tell about the person whether he is alive or not. It has been said in many reports that the Taliban tied the man with a rope and killed him.

Taliban Air Force is patrolling in Kandahar

Footage shared by Talib Times, a Twitter account that claims to be linked to the Taliban, read: ‘Our Air Force! At this time, helicopters of the Islamic Emirate’s Air Force are flying over the city of Kandahar and patrolling the city.

US soldiers have left weapons helicopters and planes

According to the Daily Mail, at least 7 Black Hawk helicopters were supplied by the US to Afghanistan last month. In 20 years, the Americans had deposited different types of weapons there. The soldiers have withdrawn leaving all the defense equipment in Afghanistan.

America has disabled all important weapons

On August 31, US forces left Afghanistan. As soon as it left Afghanistan, the US military said that 73 aircraft, 27 Humvees, weapon systems and high-capacity defense equipment had been disabled before leaving.

Kabul airport is also now occupied by Taliban

Within hours of the withdrawal of US troops from Kabul airport, the Taliban arrived at the airport to examine Chinook helicopters and other defense equipment dropped by the US military. In the video, fighters of Badri 313 Battalion are seen checking the helicopters. After Taliban fighters took control of Kabul airport, Talibani were seen running and driving vehicles on the runway. The Taliban have formally declared victory over Afghanistan after 20 years.

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