US takes revenge for Kabul blast, kills ‘conspirator’ IS terrorist in air strike

The US military has taken major action in Afghanistan. In response to the Kabul Blast, the US Army has conducted an airstrike against IS terrorists. It is being told that the US Army has carried out air strikes on the hideout of ISIS-K in Nangarhar by unmanned aircraft. It is claimed that the US Army has also killed the conspirators of the Kabul Blast.

After the air strike, America has asked people to withdraw from Kabul airport. America fears that there may be another terrorist attack on Kabul airport. It has been claimed by the Pentagon that the target set has been destroyed. There was a drone attack on the hideout of ISIS-K.

169 Afghan and 13 American soldiers were killed

Let us tell you that 169 Afghan and 13 American soldiers were killed in a series of bombings outside the airport in Kabul on Thursday. Terrorist organization ISIS-K had taken responsibility for this suicide attack. However, within 48 hours America has taken revenge. At the same time, the Taliban has distanced itself from this action of America.

US Central Command said – took revenge in 48 hours

US Central Command spokesman Captain Bill Urban said the US carried out a drone strike in Afghanistan as part of a plan against Islamic State (IS). Action has been taken against 48 against ISIS-K. There is no information about any civilian casualties in this. On Friday, the US President had made it clear that those who attacked the Kabul airport would not be spared.

Biden had said – will not forgive those responsible

After the Kabul blast, America had said that we will not forgive those responsible for this attack. President Joe Biden said that America would avenge it. The price will have to be paid for it. However, the US still has no evidence of complicity between the Taliban and Islamic State in the attacks on the Kabul airport.

Ultimatum to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by August 31

The Taliban has asked the US to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan by August 31. Not only this, the American soldiers who were sent to evacuate the Afghan people will also have to make a plan to evacuate America by 31 August. This threat of Taliban came when, on one hand, he is talking about giving security to the countries of the world and is asking everyone to keep his embassy running.

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