US President Biden said after his return from Afghanistan – now will work with the Afghan coalition

The US military left Afghanistan 24 hours before the US deadline. The Taliban had given time till August 31, but US forces were already forced to leave Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden while addressing the nation after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan said that our mission was successful.

Biden said that we maintained peace in Afghanistan for 20 years. The US President said that no one else could have done the work we have done. We took out those who wanted to leave despite the presence of Taliban. We evacuated one lakh people. During this, the security of Kabul Airport was also ensured. Forced the Taliban on ceasefire. He claimed that we evacuated more than 1.25 lakh people from there.

Biden said that we would like to work together with the Afghan coalition. Now the Taliban have power in Afghanistan. Thousands of people cannot be sent there now. The land of Afghanistan should not be used for terrorists against us or any other country. We want to keep the world safe. You have seen the situation in Somalia and other countries. He described the exit from Afghanistan as part of the strategy and said that time will tell how they will be able to strengthen themselves without US troops.

The US President said that we can say that our work is not completed yet. In the circumstances of two decades ago, we took the decision which we thought was appropriate. We are facing competition from China. China and Russia are moving ahead in competition with us. Our mission should be clear and the core principle should be based on America’s interest. Biden also said that we will always help the Afghan people. For women, for children, we are ready to fight for their rights all over the world but it will not be based on violence. We will try to ensure human rights through diplomatic means.

Joe Biden said that we have spent a huge amount of money in Afghanistan for two decades. We could have used this money for development works in our country. We have suffered the consequences. We have struggled a lot, we have faced many problems. Surely their suffering, their trouble is painful. He said that hundreds of people are committing suicide every day in America, we have to think about them too. The 20 year long battle was difficult for us. To make the future more secure, we have to make efforts in this direction also. America’s mission is over.

US President’s address and 5 issues-

  1. Reasons for leaving Afghanistan 24 hours ago
  2. Will the Taliban get financial aid or not?
  3. Will the army go back to Afghanistan or not?
  4. What is the purpose of shifting the embassy
  5. What will you do if Afghanistan becomes a haven of terror?

Now, after the US President leaves Afghanistan, there has been a major attack from the Taliban before he can tell the world the blueprint of his future plan. The Taliban projected the withdrawal of American troops as their victory and America’s defeat.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Kabul airport that US troops had left Kabul airport. Now our country is completely free. All US troops have left Afghanistan. The military mission of 20 years ended, killing thousands of soldiers and causing unprecedented financial losses. America’s ‘defeat’ is a lesson for other invaders.

Today, the Taliban is the owner of the same Kabul airport, which was under US rule till a few hours ago. The Taliban have taken control of Kabul airport.

Here America left the country, there the first day of Taliban rule started. The Taliban started a US weapons practice session. Fighters were seen inspecting American aircraft in the hangar of Kabul airport. He was seen walking around in the uniform of the US Army.

American weapons lost

According to a report, the Taliban felt that they would use these American planes, but their dreams were eclipsed. The US military says that the planes and military vehicles left at Kabul Airport when leaving Afghanistan have been destroyed so that the Taliban cannot use them.

American troops disabled 73 aircraft, 70 armored vehicles and 27 Humvee vehicles at the airport, which are now impossible to use. The US has also disabled its state-of-the-art rocket defense system which it left at Kabul airport. The same C-RAM system that thwarted a rocket attack.

Why did the Taliban return?

Today the pictures of Afghanistan seem to be challenging the American dominance. On the one hand, there is no dearth of those who describe the withdrawal of Taliban as the defeat of America, on the other hand the top commander of the Afghan army is also blaming America for the return of Taliban.

Reason No. 1. America’s Doha Peace Agreement
Reason number 2. America left the Afghan army on its defeat
Reason No. 3. Corruption of Ashraf Ghani Government

America lost both soldiers and wealth

America had reached Afghanistan in 2001 while searching for Al Qaeda, but the same Afghanistan has become a headache for America today. For America, Afghanistan was like a swamp, where it lost its soldiers as well as wealth.

Think of it this way, America spent $145 million on the reconstruction of Afghanistan, while $837 billion on its army. Here you also have to understand that this war had to be paid heavily. Between 2001 and 2019, about 1,57,000 people were killed, including 42,100 Taliban fighters and other militants, 43,074 Afghan civilians, 64,124 people from the Afghan police and army. 3,814 US contractors were killed while about 2,300 American soldiers were killed. 1145 soldiers of NATO and friendly countries were also killed, while 491 social workers and journalists were killed.

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