US Navy helicopter falls in sea, search and rescue operation continues

A US Navy helicopter crashed into the sea on Tuesday. The US Navy issued a statement and informed about this. According to the US Navy, the helicopter crashed into the sea at 4.30 pm on Tuesday, after which the search and rescue operation has been started.

The US Navy said that the MH-60S helicopter crashed in the sea about 110 km off the coast of San Diego. This helicopter crashed on Tuesday evening at 4:30 pm.

No information has been given by the Navy about how many soldiers were aboard this helicopter. However, according to CNN, this type of chauffeur usually operates with 4 crew members.

There is no information about how the helicopter crashed and where are the crew members aboard. Navy says that at present the search and rescue operation is going on. Many helicopters and aircraft of the Navy, including Coast Guard personnel, are also engaged for the search operation.

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