UP Zila Panchayat Chunav: Muslim members also made the mission of BJP possible in the election of District Panchayat President

UP Zila Panchayat Chunav result: District Panchayat President election result is being seen as a semi-final before the UP assembly elections. BJP has also got the support of Muslims in this election. Muslim voters have also voted for BJP in the district panchayat president election.

In Uttar Pradesh, BJP has won in the election of District Panchayat President. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won 67 out of 75 seats. This election result is being seen as a semi-final before the UP Vidhan Sabha elections. BJP has also got the support of Muslims in this election. Muslim voters have also voted for BJP in the district panchayat president election. BJP had set a target of 65 plus, which it has achieved and in many districts Muslim members have supported the saffron party in fulfilling this mission by supporting BJP candidates.

Big burglary of BJP in Bijnor

Muslim District Panchayat members (UP Zilla Panchayat election result) also have a big role in the victory of Bharatiya Janata Party in Bijnor District Panchayat elections. 12 Muslim members voted for the BJP and got the victory tied on the head of the BJP. In the district panchayat elections held in Bijnor, 12 Muslim members took the BJP to victory, while only 8 members of the Bharatiya Janata Party could win in the district panchayat elections. After the announcement of the election, the Samajwadi Party was claiming to have 40 members along with the leaders of its alliance and BJP had also made this election a question of its prestige.

The BJP first burgled all the five district panchayat members of the BSP, in which there were 4 Muslims. Apart from this, the BJP also included five other Muslims who came after winning as an independent. But even after that she was not reaching the majority, then she also broke into the SP camp and got three Muslim votes from the SP camp. In this way a total of 12 Muslim voters brought the Bharatiya Janata Party to the threshold of victory.

In these 12 Muslim voters, 4 Muslim women (zila panchayat chunav Muslim voters) are also included. BJP played the biggest gimmick that it also proposed to BJP’s District Panchayat President Sakendra Choudhary to woo Muslim members and to take them into confidence, Anwar Jeba, a Muslim member from BSP, was also made to instill confidence in other Muslim members. BJP really wants to keep them connected because BJP had also taken a big risk by making Muslim women supporter but BJP succeeded in its strategy and after having 8 members in Bijnor, it gathered 22 more members on the seat of District Panchayat President. While the SP alliance candidate Charanjit Kaur was reduced to only 25 votes, that is, in front of the BJP’s strategy, the SP Lok Dal alliance was trapped in the BJP’s maze and had to face defeat.

Muslims support BJP in Farrukhabad and Hapur too!

In Farrukhabad, there is only one Muslim woman, Tahira Miskat, a Zilla Panchayat member who belongs to the SP’s political family. He has cast his vote alone. It is being speculated that he has given his vote to the winning BJP-backed candidate Monika Yadav. In Hapur, Arif’s wife and district panchayat member Nasreen, a resident of Garh, voted for the BJP. Arif was a strong member of SP. Here 13 out of 19 votes went to BJP’s account.

Ghazipur: AIMIM leaders claim SP-BSP members voted for BJP

In the election for the post of Ghazipur District Panchayat President, it was discussed that two Zilla Panchayat members of Owaisi’s party AIMIM have voted for the Bharatiya Janata Party, but both the members have denied this and said that it is some opposition to defame AIMIM. There is a rumor spread by the Zilla Panchayat members, who themselves have voted for the BJP by cross voting from the Samajwadi Party and are defaming us. He clearly said that the members of BSP and SP have voted for the BJP.

Please tell that Babar Khan, son of Bhadaura, first Ghazipur Panchayat member Rukhsana Khatoon who is his representative and Akbari Khatoon’s representative from Bhadaura IV and husband Afzal Alam, who is also a big leader of the district’s big AIMIM, jointly said that we have Indian Have voted against Janata Party and voted for SP, because we have to defeat the communal forces, because our party had no candidate and our party has directed that we have to fight against the communal forces and here only BJP and SP K had only two candidates, so we have cast our vote in favor of Samajwadi Party’s candidate Kusumlata against BJP. He said that conspiratorial people are defaming AIMIM but it is not so, AIMIM will be stronger with the same strength.

BJP got the support of Muslim members in Deoria too

Ward number 8 Desahi Deoria’s district panchayat member Amber Jahan and Bhatni’s Jameela Khatoon voted for the BJP. The BJP took them from their luxury bus to the collectorate gate to vote.

In Maharajganj too, Muslim members expressed confidence in BJP

Eight members of SP had won in the election of Zilla Panchayat and 10 Muslim candidates also came after winning the election of Zilla Panchayat member. SP was claiming victory on the basis of votes of Muslim members and independents. Three members each from Congress and BSP also came after winning the elections. The SP was also expected to get their votes, but when the results came, the SP got only nine votes. Most of the Muslim members also voted in favor of Ravikant.

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