UP: Who will get the life of politics? Ayodhya at the center of politics for Mission 2022

Political preparations have started for Mission 2022. At present, the city of Ram is Ayodhya, not Lucknow in the center. Ayodhya, once the biggest and famous court case, which has the power to form and topple the government, is once again appearing at the top of the agenda of political parties’ election preparations and statements of politicians. Actually this is the Sanjeevani which all the parties want to get.

Taking BJP from zero to peak

This is the same Ayodhya that took BJP from zero to peak. Now after the decision of the government and the Supreme Court at the Center and in UP, the entire focus of the party is on Ayodhya even after the construction of the temple starts. The preparations for the Diwali festival have started. Preparations are on to make the last Deepotsav of this tenure of Yogi government the grandest event ever.

It is also being said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also going to be a witness to this. Although a formal announcement has not been made about this yet, but preparations are telling that the event will be very special. On August 5, in the ‘Anna Mahotsav’, the Chief Minister of UP himself reached Ayodhya and proved that even though the temple movement is over and the construction of the temple has started, the BJP is not going to divert its attention from Ayodhya and Shri Ram.

Recently, after the death of Kalyan Singh, BJP has associated itself with this by naming a main road leading to Ram temple after Kalyan Singh. In fact, the BJP wants to reiterate its ‘political commitment’ by keeping this point in front. At the same time, it wants to tell that when other political parties were afraid that the Muslim vote bank might not go away by talking about Ram and his birthplace Ayodhya, the adoration of majority of Hindus, then BJP used to talk about Ayodhya and Ram. In the meantime, the opposition has adopted a different strategy.

Activism of parties in Ayodhya

Those whose conventions used to raise slogans of ‘Mile Mulayam Kanshi Ram, Hawa Mein Ud Gaye Jai Shri Ram’ to stop the BJP, the same BSP supremo raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram at the conclusion of the enlightened conference. Mayawati took the trishul in her hand and tried to tell that she has no aversion to Ram and Ayodhya, which are emotional issues for the majority and especially the Brahmins. Earlier, party general secretary Satish Chandra Mishra had a darshan and gave a message.

Aam Aadmi Party is also among those parties who criticized BJP for Ayodhya and Ram temple, but Manish Sisodia even said before the decision in December 2018 through his tweet that university should be built in Ayodhya instead of temple and all religions should be in it. The students of even foreign students should get education. Whereas this time, he not only took out the tricolor yatra in Ayodhya, but also tweeted a photo on the banks of Saryu and took blessings from Ramlala and mother Saryu and talked about resolution for UP.

Samajwadi Party’s statement regarding Ayodhya has come many times. While Akhilesh Yadav has been talking about the development of Ayodhya, local leaders have talked about starting many programs of SP from there. Congress leader Salman Khurshid also reached Ayodhya and held a meeting with the local people.

Senior journalist Ratan Mani Lal says that ‘the purpose of all this is to symbolically connect Ram and his birthplace, the adoration of the majority of Hindus. In the coming days, Congress can also do some big program there.

Although Owaisi started the UP elections from Ayodhya, it was interesting for everyone, the way he clarified his political intention by saying Faizabad in his tour, it can be estimated that the importance of Ayodhya will be politically in this election. Not only this, even small parties are not behind for wanting to do something in the politics of UP. Raghuraj Pratap Singh ‘Raja Bhaiya’ also indicated this by visiting Hanuman Garhi.

VN Das, who has done journalism in Ayodhya for the last 37 years and has seen every form of politics here, says that ‘this is the preparation ahead because not only 2022, the elections of 2024 will also be held keeping Ayodhya in the background. Everyone has a reason to come to Ayodhya. To tell the BJP that we have got the temple constructed. And for other parties to say that we are not anti-Ram so that people do not get angry with them.

Ayodhya will still be at the center in politics

Ayodhya, which was at the center of politics during the temple movement, has played an important role, but even after the beginning of the construction of the temple, Ayodhya will remain at the center. Ayodhya’s senior journalist VN Das says that ‘Even if this thing is not understood in Ayodhya, but outside and especially in UP, the name of Ayodhya still has an effect. Political parties know this.

On the question of all parties moving towards Ayodhya, senior journalist Ratan Mani Lal explains the reason for this and says that ‘now political parties have understood that it is not possible to win an election without adding majority Hindus. This can happen only by touching their sentiments. Ayodhya is a way for political parties to connect with the majority class because regardless of the political orientation of the people, the center of faith of every family is Ram and Ayodhya.

Ratan Mani Lal insists that ‘remember me, BJP can now do something like ayodhya -then and now to cut these parties.’

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