UP: Resignation of female constable Priyanka Mishra accepted, Instagram reel was made by waving revolver

The resignation of Priyanka Mishra, a woman constable from Agra, UP, has been accepted. Priyanka made a reel on Instagram waving ‘revolver’ in uniform, after which she was attached to the line. After this, Priyanka was being trolled on social media, due to which she resigned due to upset, which has now been accepted.

The video of Priyanka wearing a uniform and holding a revolver in her hand became increasingly viral. In this video, his style looked like a gangster. In the audio on which he made the reel, it was being said, ‘Neither make a song on gundai, nor do Jat Gurjars write on the car, we have five-five-year-old lads driving katta’.

The information about this video had reached the Senior Superintendent of Police Agra on 24 August and taking immediate action, he put Priyanka Mishra on the line. Priyanka was posted at Madan Mohan Gate police station. An inquiry was also set up against him.

After this action, Priyanka started being trolled on social media. People started talking about removing him from the police job. After which, getting upset, Priyanka released another video in which she was asked to submit her resignation to the Agra SSP. Also appealed to the trollers not to do such things.

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