UK: Woman ‘arrested’ raped by police officer, then burnt her body

In Britain, a police officer stopped a woman, handcuffed, falsely arrested and then raped a woman over the Corona rules. Not only this, after the rape, the police officer killed the woman and burnt the body. The details of this dreadful incident have come to light during the ongoing hearing in the court. This incident happened on the night of 3-4 March 2021.

The name of the deceased woman is Sarah Everard. Sarah was 33 years old. She was working as a marketing executive. At the same time, the accused police officer name is Wayne Coogens. Wayne is 48 years old. Wayne killed Sarah by strangling her with a belt. Wayne was later dismissed from the police department. In this case, the accused can be sentenced to life in prison.

During the ongoing hearing in a UK court, it has also been learned that the accused police officer had prepared well in advance to carry out the incident. He roamed the streets of London for several hours to kidnap the woman.

After stopping the woman on the road and then handcuffing her, the police officer put her in the car. The officer had lied to his family members that day that he was doing night duty. Whereas in reality he was off duty. After this, he took the victim to a secluded place in Kent, 120 km from London.

After reaching the deserted place, the police officer raped the victim in the next 5 hours, strangled her to death and then set her body on fire. After this he threw the burnt body in the water.

During the hearing, it was also learned that the British police officer had planned in advance to carry out the incident. He had hired a car and got some items from Amazon to hide the body. He had also bought a good quality handcuff online.

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