Uddhav’s advisor Ajoy Mehta on the radar of Income Tax Department, investigation of flat dealing

Ajoy Mehta, advisor and former officer of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, is currently on the radar of the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department is investigating the deal related to Ajoy Mehta’s Nariman Point flat under Benami property. Let us tell you that Ajoy Mehta was made the chairman of MahaRera in February this year.

A case has been disclosed by the Benami Section of the Income Tax Department. In which a property deal was done in Nariman Point, which was done between a shell company and a retired officer.

Shareholders live in the chawl

According to the information, Ajoy Mehta had bought a flat in Nariman Point area, which was bought from shell company Anamitra Property Pvt Ltd. There are two shareholders of this company, who live in Chawl, Mumbai. According to sources, this company was created to do only this deal. Because of this, the suspicion of the Income Tax Department went in this direction. There are many gaps in the balance sheet of this company, as well as the shareholders are also non-filers, which points to the mess.

Ajoy Mehta bought this 1076 square feet flat last year for Rs 5.33 crore. It has been told that this property was with Anamitra Property Private Limited in the year 2009, then its value was Rs 4 crore.

Shareholders’ income is low,

Ajoy gave the cleaning company’s shareholder Kamesh Nathuni Singh, who has 99 percent shares, he is a non filer. His address has been given as near Oberoi Mall, while the other shareholder is Deepesh Ravindra Singh, who has filed only one return in which income has been given as Rs 1,71,002. In such a situation, there is a clear indication that the shareholders of the company are showing those people whose income is low and it is difficult for them to keep a property of such a high price.

Ajoy Mehta spoke to India Today on this entire controversy. He said that I have no reason to know the owner of the property. It was a legal deal, which was done in the right way. And I paid according to the market price. In such a situation, they have no idea where all this is coming from.

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