Two youths were roaming naked on the streets of London, kicked people, attacked

A cyclist in London was surprised when two naked men came and pushed him. The cyclist claimed that he thought he was a terrorist. Now the video of this incident has also surfaced in which two youths are roaming naked on the road in broad daylight and after pushing the cyclist, they escape from there.

In shocking video footage, the cyclist can be seen waiting at a traffic light where two naked youths approach and push him. One of the two youths is wearing white underwear while the other is completely naked.

Shocking footage shows them proceeding to cross a street in a busy London area and kicking a cyclist before leaping forward. Then both casually walk to the other side of the road as if nothing had happened.

Regarding this matter, the Met Police said that officers were called to Walworth Road at 2:30 pm on Thursday, in which two men were accused of “attacking people on the street.

According to police, “one was reported to be naked and the other only in underwear.” The suspects, aged 32 and 26, were arrested after a struggle on suspicion of obscene acts.

“Both the men were taken to the hospital under section 3 of the Mental Health Act and later taken into custody. However, they were released after investigation.”

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