Two drones now seen near military station in Jammu, security forces fired 25 rounds

Two drones were also seen near the military station the very next day after the drone attack on the Air Force station in Jammu. According to the information, these drones were sighted at Kaluchak Military Station in Jammu at 3 am. The army opened fire on them. Also Read Jammu airbase attack: UAV attack for the first time, big question – how the drone escaped from radar

The terrorists have once again tried to target the military base through drones. The very next day after the drone attack on the Air Force station in Jammu, the terrorists also tried to attack the military station. According to the information, two drones were sighted at Jammu’s Kaluchak Military Station at 3 am. However, the army was on alert and as soon as the drone was sighted, the army fired 20 to 25 rounds at them. Also Read Attack on Jammu Air Force station was done by drone, DGP said – conspiracy from across the border

These drones were seen over the Kaluchak Military Station around 3 am on Sunday night. On seeing them, the soldiers of the army fired 20 to 25 rounds. Drones disappeared after firing. At present, the army is searching for the drone by running a search operation.

Yesterday there were two blasts at the airbase
There were two blasts at the Jammu Air Force station late on Sunday night. The first blast happened at 1:37 pm and the second one happened exactly 5 minutes later at 1:42 pm. According to the Air Force, the intensity of these blasts was very low and the first blast took place on the roof, so the roof was damaged, while the second blast took place in the open space. Two soldiers also suffered minor injuries in the blast. This was the first time that terrorists had attacked through drones. Now NIA is investigating it.

Less risk in drone attack
The training of attack through drones does not have to spend a lot. The risk in carrying out a drone strike is also less compared to ground attacks. Drones can fly at very low altitudes and due to low altitude, the chances of being caught by radar are also less. In such a situation, the apprehension cannot be ruled out that terrorist organizations will use them in future also. Therefore, India will now have to make more advances to thwart the security system of its military bases with drone attacks.

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