Tokyo Olympics 2020: Julana Al-Sadqi, Users surprised to see Lady Gaga’s lookalike, you too will be stunned

Users are posting a picture of Jordan’s player Julyana Al-Sadeq with a shocking expression, telling her a lookalike of Lady Gaga. According to a report in The Independent, a fan wrote on Twitter, ‘Why is Lady Gaga in the Olympics?’ Thousands of people have liked this post. Other fans also carried forward the caravan of tweets after the arrival of this post.

It is believed that there are seven lookalikes of the same face in the world. Now it is not known how true this thing is, but many examples have been seen of it being a lookalike. Recently, at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, users saw a lookalike of Hollywood singer Lady Gaga during a Taekwondo match. After seeing the player, everyone is telling her a doppelganger of Lady Gaga.

Users made these comments

One user shared the picture of Julyana Al-Sadeq and wrote, ‘There will be many people in the Olympics and Lady Gaga is one of them competing for the Taekwondo medal.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is Lady Gaga at the Tokyo Olympics and no one can try to explain this to me.’ A user mentioned the old story of Lady Gaga winning the Olympic gold medal.

Lady Gaga is the first woman to win an Academy Award

It is known that Lady Gaga is not yet in the Olympics but is the first woman to win Academy Award, Grammy, BAFTA and Golden Globe. He is the most famous celebrity in the world whose songs are famous all over the world.

Julyana Al-Sadeq’s journey in the Olympics ended, while Jordan’s Julyana Al-Sadeq competed in the Taekwondo Women’s Welterweight 57-67 kg category on 26 July. His competition was with Brazilian athlete Milena Titonelli, in which the defeat of Julyana Al-Sadeq ended Julyana Al-Sadeq’s journey at the Olympics. Although his look made him popular overnight.

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