To leave Kabul, the girls had to do forced marriages at the airport, the report revealed

When the Taliban captured Afghanistan, thousands of people wanted to leave the country by any means. These stories of helplessness are now coming out. Women faced the most difficulty in leaving Afghanistan, now it is learned that many girls were forcibly married at Kabul airport so that they could leave the country.

According to a CNN report, When single girls and women were facing difficulty in getting entry at Kabul airport, many girls were forcibly married there. Apart from this, some women told the men as their husbands and then they got entry in the flight.

This case has mostly come with those women who first went to UAE from Afghanistan and later left for America. Not only this, many families gave money to some men so that they could marry their girls and then leave Afghanistan as a family.

The US State Department is seeking help from its officials present in the UAE in this matter. Along with this, some such women who have reached America are also being searched.

Significantly, after the Taliban captured Afghanistan on August 15, questions were being raised about the future of women in the country. Most of the planes that were going from Kabul airport were male passengers. Apart from this, people who were with their families are being given attention.

The fear that was being expressed about the future of women is now proving to be true. The Taliban have banned women from working in Afghanistan. Boys and girls cannot even study together.

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