TMC MP Derek O’Brien’s challenge to Amit Shah! If Amit Shah comes to Parliament, I will shave my head

TMC’s Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien has accused Union Home Minister Amit Shah of running away from the Pegasus spying case. He said, if Amit Shah comes to Parliament tomorrow and gives a statement on the Delhi rape case, he will get his head shaved.

In an exclusive interview with India Today TV Consulting Editor Rajdeep Sardesai, Derek O’Brien said that the opposition wants discussion on agricultural laws, economy, employment, inflation and Pegasus issue. During this, he also challenged Amit Shah.

When Derek O’Brien was asked that Rahul Gandhi is going to Parliament by bicycle, you are coming with Pegasus poster, don’t you think the opposition should focus on cornering the government on real issues? On this, he said, the stand of the opposition is very clear. 15-16 Opposition parties want discussion in Parliament. These discussions should be on three subjects. Agriculture laws should be discussed, they should be repealed. There should be a discussion on economy, jobs, inflation. National security (Pegasus issue) should be discussed. Pegasus should be discussed first.

Question- How can you decide what will be the order of discussion, it is the job of the speaker. The country needs a debate on Corona, economy and Snoopgate. Without any debate on these issues, you are allowing the government to say that the opposition is not allowing Parliament to function?

TMC MP said, this is wrong. We have discussed Corona in Rajya Sabha earlier as well. After this there was a presentation in the conference room. This is Parliament. You have to follow the rules of Parliament. He asked that any BJP spokesperson should tell how many questions PM Modi has answered in Parliament since 2016. Just nothing. You want to make your own rules in Parliament. Opposition wants discussion.

Brian said, I want to tell every youth of the country Modi’s master stock. 12 bills were passed in Parliament in an average of 7 minutes. Gujarat model means they are making papdi chaat in Delhi. These are serious laws. BJP has majority in both the houses, I agree. But the opposition should keep its word. The government must have its own way. But Modi and Shah do not understand this.

Question: Rahul Gandhi called the opposition for breakfast, TMC joined it, is TMC ready to go to Congress agenda?

We liked the idea of ​​a cycle rally. 14-15 opposition parties took part in it. this was good. We did this on July 19 as well. But that was not discussed. Why are you asking all these questions to the opposition. You ask this question to Modi-Shah. Did he give some answers on economy, jobs and China border dispute.

Brian said, why did we win in Bengal? Because Mamta Banerjee said only two things. He said, “Look at my 10-year track record and see how tourist gangs are coming here and what they have given in the last 7 years? Why are you asking about our breakfast? By the way, I am eating papdi chaat.

Question- If Amit Shah comes to Parliament, will you allow him to speak?

TMC MP said, I am putting up missing persons notice. We should do this, if we are a responsible opposition, we should put up missing persons notices. I did not see Home Minister Amit Shah in Parliament. I did not see PM Modi in Parliament. His favorite officer, who has been made the Delhi Police Commissioner, the nine-year-old Dalit girl was gang-raped in Delhi, shouldn’t the Home Minister come and answer the questions?

Brian said, if Amit Shah comes to Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha tomorrow and gives his statement in the case of rape of a 9-year-old Dalit girl in Delhi. So I’ll make you shave your head in the program. I challenge Amit Shah because he is running in Pegasus case.

Brian was seen eating chaat papdi despite PM’s displeasure

Derek O’Brien was seen eating chaat papdi on Tuesday. In fact, PM Modi had expressed displeasure over the statement made by the Trinamool Congress MP a day earlier. Brian had tweeted that the government is getting the bill passed in Parliament as if making papdi-chat. PM Modi reacted to this statement. Union Minister Prahlad Joshi had informed that the PM had termed this statement of Brian as an insult to those who send MPs to Parliament. He had said that the opposition is not allowing Parliament to function. This parliament is an insult to the constitution, democracy and the people of the country.

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