Tired of boring sex life, left husband, Did second marriage but…

A woman has shared her sex life confusion in the relationship column of ‘The Guardian’. The woman has married for the second time. The woman says that her sex life was not good in her first marriage and she left him after getting bored with her husband. The same problem related to sex is now facing the woman with her second husband as well. The woman told the expert, ‘Initially everything was good with the second husband, but gradually that connection between us started to end.’

The woman wrote, ‘I have to make all the efforts to improve sex life. One day I caught my husband watching a porn movie. I don’t mind him watching porn but because of this our sex life has been spoiled. My husband neither touches me nor takes any initiative on his own. Because of this I often get depressed. The woman has sought advice from an expert for this.

While advising the woman, the relationship expert wrote,

‘Partners should talk openly about what they like in each other and what is bad. Everyone’s behavior is different, so you should tell your partner what kind of sex moves you expect from them. Your partner may not understand you completely. It is your responsibility to convey your wishes to your partner.

The expert wrote, ‘It is very common for men and women to watch porn. Usually seeing a little does not have a bad effect on sex life. Your problem related to sex can be solved only when you talk to your partner and tell them about your needs. This can improve your boring sex life.

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