Tina Datta fans do not want to see her in bikini, tell her she is Ichcha from Uttaran

New Delhi: Actress Tina Datta, who shot to fame for playing the character of Ichcha in popular daily soap Uttaran says her fans still associate her with the character and do not want her to post pictures in a monokini or a bikini on her social media handles. “For an actor, it is not difficult to move on to the next character, but when you are doing a daily soap and that too for a good number of years, the character is etched in people’s hearts. And to wipe that off and accept you as a different character becomes very difficult,” the actress told ETimes in an interview.

She further added that, “Even today, if I put a picture of me wearing a monokini or a bikini on my social media, people comment that ‘we love you as Ichcha, we don’t want you to wear a monokini on social media. Ichcha kaise aise kapde pehen sakti hai and all that’.”

Tina is grateful that people still remember her Ichcha but at the same time wishes that they accept her in a different avatar as well. “Aapko achha lagta hai ki aaj bhi log aapko pehchante hai uss character ki wajah se. Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai ki why can’t they accept me in a different character or in western wear,” said the 29 years old.

The actress is currently focusing on web series as it let’s her portray a new character and in a short span of time but says she is always open for Television as it gave her the fame. “My career started with TV and I will never ever say no to TV. Par character achha hona chahiye, channel achha hona chahiye, prime time hona chahiye, besides some other factors. If all that’s there, I’ll definitely give it a shot,” said the actress.

Tina was last seen in the web show Naxalbari. Apart from Uttaran (2009-2015), the actress has appeared on shows like Koi Aane Ko Hai, Karmaphal Daata Shani, Daayan, Durga and Khela.

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