Threatened Praveen Jadhav’s family, who participated in Tokyo Olympics, father said – will leave the village

The family of archer Pravin Jadhav, who was part of the Indian contingent in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, is being threatened. His parents want to get the construction done in their house in the village, but their neighbors are threatening them not to do so. Jadhav’s parents say that they will leave their village if they do not get permission for construction.

Praveen Jadhav’s parents live in Sarade village of Satara district of Maharashtra. Here he has a small two-room house, which he wanted to increase. His parents allege that their neighbors are not allowing their house to be built on their own land and are threatening them. His father Ramesh Jadhav says that if this dispute is not resolved then he will leave his village.

Why are you being bullied?

Praveen Jadhav, who recently returned to India from Tokyo, told a news agency, “My parents used to work in Sheti Mahamandal (State Agriculture Corporation). It was the Mahamandal who gave us this land and when our financial condition When it started improving, we started building houses.” He also told that the Mahamandal had not given him a lease for this land and there was only an oral agreement.

He told that after getting a job in the army, when the financial condition of the house improved, his family first built a two-room house. At that time no one raised any objection, but now when they decided to build a big house, their neighbors objected to it and claimed that the entire land belonged to them. Praveen told that he was even ready to give up some part of the land after the objection of the neighbors.

He told that goods worth Rs 1.40 lakh were bought to build the house, but later he had to sell the same item for Rs 40 thousand. He alleged that even when he had decided to build a toilet in the house, he was threatened by his neighbors and complained to the police.

Hope the dispute is resolved soon

SDO Shivaji Jagtap told the news agency that that land still belongs to Sheti Mahamandal. He told that the Jadhav family had decided to build the house but their neighbors objected saying that it would block their movement. He told that he and some policemen reached there and tried to resolve the dispute between the two. He expressed hope that the dispute would be resolved in the next few days.

The administration is also exploring the possibility of transferring some part of the land in the name of Praveen. Neighboring families are also ready to give three bundles of land to his family as a ‘gift’. Praveen had told that one day 5-6 members of the family living in his neighborhood threatened his parents for building a house. Praveen has also informed the army about this.

In his first Olympics, Praveen lost to world No. 1 archer Brady Ellison. After this he has recently returned to India.

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