Thousands of people gathered at the PAK-Iran border due to the collapse of Kabul airport, Britain is talking to Taliban for rescue

Since the withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, those people who want to leave the country and go out are facing a lot of trouble. Because now Kabul’s airport is under Taliban control and no international flights are operating now. In such a situation, thousands of Afghan citizens are turning to the border of Pakistan and Iran, so that they can get out of the country.

According to the news agency Reuters, thousands of people are standing on the Khyber Pass border of Pakistan towards Afghanistan, who want to go to Pakistan. Similar is the situation at the Islam Kala border post on the Afghanistan-Iran border. Some people say that Iran’s security agencies have relaxed the rules to some extent and are letting people go.

Till now Kabul’s airport was under US control, till then many countries have rescued thousands of Afghan citizens including their citizens from here. More than 1.25 lakh people have left Afghanistan in the last 15 days. According to a United Nations report, more than half a million people could leave Afghanistan by the end of this year alone.

The Taliban have taken possession of Kabul airport, but the operation of the aircraft has not started yet. The main focus of the Taliban is on opening banks in different parts of the country, filling ATMs and opening government offices, so that the work which has been stalled for the past several days can go ahead to some extent.

Britain begins talks with Taliban

Now that the Taliban has moved towards forming its government in Afghanistan, many countries have started contacting it. The British government is currently in talks with the Taliban to prepare a safe passage for the rest of the British citizens left in Afghanistan.

The Taliban had promised that even after August 31, if anyone wants to leave the country, they can go, no one will be forced to stop here. From the UK side, its teams have been deployed in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, which will help in the evacuation of British citizens from Afghanistan.

Britain’s main focus is on evacuating its citizens, apart from those Afghan citizens who were associated with Britain, were working in the British project, they will also be rescued from there.

Significantly, the Indian government has also officially started talks with the Taliban. In Doha, Qatar, India’s ambassador held talks with the Taliban leader, during which India discussed about the safe evacuation of its citizens.

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