‘This is my voice, I am speaking from Panjshir,’ Saleh refuses to leave country

After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban is engaged in the exercise of forming the government, while former Vice President Amrullah Saleh has clarified that he is still present in the Panjshir Valley amid rumors of leaving the country. The Panjshir Valley is the only area in Afghanistan that has not been captured by the Taliban and for this the struggle is going on there.

Former Afghanistan Vice President Amrullah Saleh said, “There are reports going on in some media that I have fled my country. This is absolutely baseless. This is my voice, I am speaking to you from my base, from Panjshir Valley.

He further told the local media TOLO news, ‘I am with my commanders and my political leaders and handling the situation. Of course, this is a difficult situation, we are surrounded by attacks from Taliban, Pakistanis and Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. We have captured the ground, and we have not lost territory. In the last four-five days when the Taliban launched their offensive, they have not gained much since then. They have been casualties, we have also suffered casualties.

Talking to local media TOLO news from Panjshir, Amrulla Saleh says that he is still there and there are reports of fighting intensifying.

Earlier on Friday evening, former Vice President Amrullah Saleh said in a tweet that the Taliban had blocked humanitarian access to Panjshir and called on the United Nations and world leaders to take notice of it.

Amrullah Saleh, who described himself as the caretaker president of Afghanistan on his Twitter handle, said that Taliban men have blocked human access to Panjshir. The men of Panjshir’s military age are used as mine clearance tools to walk the mine fields. Phones and electricity have been turned off, not even allowing medicines. People can carry cash only in small quantities.

He said that in the last 23 years since the opening of the emergency hospital, we have never blocked Talib’s access. Talib is committing a war crime and has no respect for the IHL. We call on UN and world leaders to pay attention to this apparent criminal and terroristic behavior of the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Masood also tweeted that the news of victory over Panjshir is going on in Pakistani media. That’s a lie. Capturing Panjshir would mean my last day in Panjshir, Inshallah.

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