They tied our hands from behind and sold the country’: Afghan Defence Minister hits out at President Ashraf Ghani

Kabul: Afghanistan Defence Minister Bismillah Mohammadi expressed his feelings towards the fall of Kabul city through a tweet in which he accused the Afghanistan government of tying their hands and selling the homeland.

The Afghanistan Defence Minister did not approve of how President Ashraf Ghani left the nation in their time of need and took to twitter to express his frustration with the situation.

He said, “They tied our hands behind our backs and sold the homeland, damn the rich man and his gang.”

As the Taliban captured the capital Kabul early Sunday, President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan for Tajikistan, as per Reuters report. Informing about Ghani, a senior Afghan Interior Ministry official told the news agency the Afghanistan President left for Tajikistan and added that he “cannot say anything about Ashraf Ghani`s movement for security reasons”.

Earlier on Sunday, Taliban fighters had entered the presidential palace in Kabul, taking charge of the place, two senior Taliban commanders said. However, the Afghan government did not confirm this, Reuters reported.

In the latest update, the Taliban declared the war in Afghanistan was over after insurgents took control of the presidential palace in Kabul as US-led forces departed and Western nations scrambled on Monday to evacuate their citizens.

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