There will be a ruckus in Bigg Boss, Neha Bhasin is not comfortable sharing the bed

Bigg Boss OTT’s first confirmed contestant Neha Bhasin is not only known for her singing but also for her bold looks. Neha Bhasin will soon be seen in Karan Johar’s show with her glamorous style. Before going to Bigg Boss OTT house, Neha Bhasin has talked about many things in her interview.

In an interview given to Spotboye, Neha Bhasin has told how she has prepared for the show. Neha told in the interview that she is carrying only 3 bags in the house, because she did not get permission to carry more than this.

Neha was asked what was the first thing she kept in her bag to enter the Bigg Boss house? To this she said, “My stylist was packing my bags. But yes, she has put a lot of clothes first.”

Neha Bhasin told that she has prepared to go to the show in just a week. When Neha Bhasin was asked about which things she is most positive? On this question, she said, “I am most positive for the people I love. But if you ask about the stuff, I will not tell, because if other contestants see this interview then they will make it difficult for me.” ” Neha laughed and said, “I am most positive about myself, which I am taking in the house.”

Neha Bhasin was asked if she would be comfortable sharing bedroom and bathroom in Bigg Boss house? To this Singer said, “It is really very strange, but now that I have said yes to the show, I have no option now. This I should have thought about before saying yes to the show.”

Neha further said, “I am not comfortable about it, but I have to. I am worried about with whom I will share the bed. I do not understand why they make them share the bed? It is a lot. It’s just random. Who thinks such things?”

How much will Neha be able to compromise on food? To this he said, “I am allergic to gluten, so they have agreed to give me an alternative, which I am okay with. I am not a big foodie. I just need to eat on time. But If it doesn’t happen, then maybe I may have some problem. If you don’t get the food you want, it will do, but if you get something to eat, that’s it.”

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