Therapy, fun with friends, date with boyfriend, Alia Kashyap’s time in Mumbai

Alia Kashyap has come to Mumbai from Los Angeles and is living in her house with father Anurag. In such a situation, Alia Kashyap, daughter of Anurag Kashyap, has told in her new video how she spent her week in Mumbai.

Alia Kashyap’s week ranged from therapy sessions to meeting friend Khushi Kapoor, enjoying a lot of food and having a date with boyfriend Shane. Alia Kashyap told at the beginning of her weekend that she had taken two therapy sessions on Monday itself. He further told that he has taken therapy for the whole week.

Alia Kashyap was accompanied by her boyfriend Shane Gregoire for therapy. Alia Kashyap has already told that she is a victim of anxiety and depression. Apart from therapy, Alia Kashyap told that she and Shane have also met many of their friends.

Alia Kashyap’s friends include Javed Jaffrey’s children Alaviya and Meezaan. With him, Alia went to many restaurants and tasted the food. Also, Alia Kashyap spent quality time with her best friend Khushi Kapoor. Alia and Khushi can also be seen going to the nail salon together in the video.

Alia Kashyap and her boyfriend Shane Gregoire can also be seen spending time with Alia’s mother Aarti Bajaj. While having dinner together, Aarti Bajaj fed jalebi and rabri to Shane. At the same time, Alia made Broccoli Cheddar Soup, giving herself and Shane a break from Indian food.

While she was happy about her soup, Shane said she was a little disappointed that she didn’t get to eat Indian food. Let us tell you that Alia Kashyap has shared many of her videos for the last few weeks. In this, he has shown a lot from meeting his mother, tasting Shane’s Indian cuisine and celebrating his one year anniversary.

Not only this, Alia Kashyap also shared a video made with father Anurag Kashyap. In this video, she asked some difficult questions like what will Anurag do if she becomes pregnant, Anurag’s opinion on having sex before marriage, sleeping over with boyfriend and whether he likes boyfriend Shane or not.

Apart from this, Alia Kashyap also asked some similar questions to mother Aarti Bajaj. Alia’s videos went viral and fans also reacted to it. His questions still remain in the discussion. Anurag Kashyap definitely won the hearts of the fans with his answers.

It is known that Alia Kashyap lives in Los Angeles, California, US. Alia is completing her studies in Los Angeles. She has come to India for a month’s holiday. Along with her boyfriend Shane is also there. Alia Kashyap is enjoying her time with her parents and friends.(

(Image Source- Instagram)

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