The shamelessness of the Taliban on the killing of Danish, said – they should have come after asking us

To save its image, the Taliban, engaged in the fight for the occupation of Afghanistan, is now trying to get away from the murder of Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui. Danish died during a Taliban attack on Spin Boldak. He had gone to the war-torn region for media coverage but fell victim to a Taliban attack. The Taliban is getting a lot of criticism for this kind of killing of Danish. In this case, the all-rounded Taliban is now busy denying its role in the killing. On the contrary, he is shamelessly arguing that if Danish had to come there for coverage, he should have taken permission from the Taliban first.

Earlier, Bilal Ahmed, the commander of the Afghan army, had told Aaj Tak about the extent to which the Taliban had vandalized the Danish body. The reason behind this was given by the Afghan commander that the Danish were Indian and the Taliban hated India. Aaj Tak / India Today senior journalist Ashraf Wani spoke to Taliban spokesman and commander Maulana Yousuf Ahmadi in Kandahar.

Know what the Taliban commander said during the interview,

Question– What is the latest situation of Taliban in Afghanistan, how much area is under your control?
Answer– Bismillah Rehman Rahim, we have taken control of about 85 percent of Afghanistan. Soon we will be able to control even 15 percent of the share.
Question– It is being said that Pakistani Army and ISI are giving full support to Taliban and are also providing logistics?
Answer– No, this is propaganda spread by our enemies, we are fighting on our own strength and will fight on our own in future also.
Question– Many people in Afghanistan, especially women, are scared of AAP and your rule.
Answer– No, this is not right, we will give all the rights to women and other people of Afghanistan.
Question– Recently, posters were seen in many parts of Afghanistan in which it was said that there is a ban on the movement of women and jobs.
Answer– No, we have not put up any posters with rules or orders. Our enemies put up these posters to defame us.
Question– Recently, Taliban attacked and killed Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui in Spin Boldak, why?
Answer– We did not kill them, they were with the enemy army and if any journalist wants to come here then talk to us, we are already in touch with journalists in the country. Question– Why is the Taliban causing damage to property and especially the infrastructure built by India?
Answer– This is also a trick of enemies to defame us. The enemy army is damaging the infrastructure during the war. We are only damaging the camp and post so that they cannot be used again. We are not harming hospitals and schools.

Note- (The Taliban spokesman agreed to talk only over the phone and shared some videos. In these videos there was also a video that shows the Taliban forming a suicide squad, in which the fighters say that They are joining the squad of their own free will and they will damage enemy army positions in Afghanistan.)

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