The picture was taken with the Taliban, another complaint filed against the teacher who returned from Afghanistan

The difficulties of Tamal Bhattacharya of Kolkata, who were brought to India during India’s rescue operation in Afghanistan, are not taking the name of lessening. Another complaint has been filed against them for praising the Taliban. His rescue was done through a special flight from Afghanistan, in which many other Indian nationals were also involved.

A picture of Tamal Bhattacharya, who teaches at the Kardan International School in Afghanistan, has gone viral on social media, in which he is seen with two Talibanis. There is also a gun in the hand of a Talibani in the picture. Tamal is seen smiling in the picture.

The first has been lodged in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The petitioner says why it is being circulated on social media.

The teacher praised the Taliban

In fact, Tamal Bhattacharya has also told the same two Talibanis as his friends. Raising questions on this, a petitioner named Raj Choudhary says whether such pictures should be taken with Talibanis. People take pictures with people they know, relatives, close people and friends. Such a picture with the Taliban is suspicious, they are also saying that the Taliban are their friends.

Another complaint against the teacher

Registered complaint The petitioner has informed that he has also lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Information Electronics and Information Technology. Raj Chaudhary also lives in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. The petitioner has also based on the statements of Tamal Bhattacharya, in which he has praised the Taliban on camera.

Played cricket with Talibanis!

The petitioner says that when Afghans are threatened by Taliban, then how can their attitude be friendly with others. Tamal Bhattacharya had also said that some Talibanis are his friends with whom he has also played cricket. The petitioner has questioned that how did he play cricket with Talibanis when the whole world is afraid of Talibani power in Afghanistan.

The whole world is worried about terrorists

The petitioner also says that this picture suddenly emerged on social media in which Bhattacharya is seen praising the Taliban. portraying the Taliban in a positive way. The petitioner has questioned Tamal Bhattacharya, ‘This petition is not just about telling the Taliban to be credible. The world is worried about terrorists. If you are calling them friends, then what are you, the question also arises.

Linking the picture with the Taliban with the security of the country, the petitioner has said that it is an issue of security of the country. Bhattacharya was brought from Afghanistan with the help of the Ministry of External Affairs and the Air Force.

Taliban supporters should be investigated!

The petitioner said, ‘The main question is why the picture suddenly appeared, it should be investigated. We have not heard that anyone is saying that there is Taliban, we stand with them. That’s why I have filed a complaint which should be investigated.

It is also being said that the picture can be morphed. At the same time, the petitioner says that why will this picture be tampered with? He is not a big political figure. What do you get from morphing it? Both the complaints have been registered with the concerned Ministries in the Public Grievances Portal. Tamal Bhattacharya, however, has not responded to the allegations and the petitions filed against him.

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