The annual salary of every employee of the company has been made 50 lakhs, the boss said – profit has been made!

A credit card processing company in America had made the minimum salary of every employee about Rs 51 lakh annually 6 years ago. Different opinions had come to the fore on this decision of a company named Gravity Payments. But now CEO Dan Price says his policy of increasing salaries has been successful.

The special thing is that in order to make the minimum salary of all the staff 51 lakhs, CEO Dan Price had to reduce his annual salary by 7 crores. After this decision, many people called Priss a hero. However, some people predicted that the company would go bankrupt.

But now Den Price says that Gravity Payments is making a lot of progress and the staff leaving the company has halved. At the same time, the total number of employees of the company has doubled as compared to 6 years ago. However, the CEO has kept his own salary only at Rs 51 lakh annually.

In a conversation with CBS News, Dan Price said that after increasing the salary, the staff became more loyal to the company. Although the company’s condition had worsened during the devastation of Corona in 2020, but after a few months of trouble, the company was able to recover. During this, some employees had reduced their salary for a few months on their own volition.

At the same time, after increasing the salary, the staff of Gravity Payments together gifted a luxurious car to their CEO. But the CEO could buy a car with his old salary too? In response to this question, Dan Price says that this is true, but I am much happier than before.

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