Team India’s tour may be in danger due to this move of Sri Lankan players

The dispute between the players of the Sri Lankan cricket team and the board is deepening. 38 Sri Lankan cricketers have refused to sign tour contracts. After this move of the players, clouds of danger have started looming over the Sri Lankan team’s tour of England. Team India also has to tour Sri Lanka in July, which may be in danger.

The Sri Lankan team is to leave for England on 9 June. Three T20 and as many ODI matches are to be played between the two teams. A statement signed by 38 players said, “In view of the difficulties in transparency in the rating system set by the SLC, the players have decided not to sign the travel contract.”

The statement further said that the players will not sign the agreement until the board treats the players fairly. Players say that there is a lack of transparency in this agreement and justice is not being done to the senior players.

Under the new system of the board, the players are divided into four different groups. In this, points will be given on the basis of their level of fitness, discipline, leadership, contribution towards the team, their performance in international and domestic cricket in the last two years. There is a demand from Sri Lankan cricketers that this system should be made more transparent. Players say that they should be told how marks will be given to them on the basis of grades. That is because it will have a direct and profound effect on their earnings.

Sri Lanka will face Team India in July
While there is tension going on between the Sri Lankan players and the board, in July they have to face Team India as well. According to the plan of BCCI, Team India will play a limited overs series in Sri Lanka. There can be a series of 3 T20 Internationals and three ODIs on the Sri Lanka tour.
D’Silva said – players should focus on the game
Earlier, former Sri Lankan cricket team captain and Cricket Committee chairman Arvind de Silva had targeted the players opposing the new contract. He said that the players should insist on performing instead of opposing the new contracts.
Arvind de Silva said that the most important thing is that players should play positive cricket and instead of complaining, start winning for the country. This positive attitude will encourage us to consider giving more benefits.

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