Teacher-students were not very satisfied with CBSE’s formula, raised these questions

Our Recharge questioned the teachers and students on the formula that has been told by CBSE for the 12th result in the Supreme Court. Know what students and teachers have to say…

The formula has been given by CBSE regarding the 12th board result. According to the reply given in the Supreme Court, the results of the 12th board will be decided only on the basis of the pre-board examinations of 10th, 11th and 12th. CBSE may have given this formula, but students and teachers are not satisfied about it.

‘Need less emphasis on number 11’ Question was raised by a student on CBSE’s formula. In the formula, 30 percent of the 11th class marks should be reduced, because in 11th every student takes time to understand. Also no one thought that this would happen to us.

A student also said that not everyone prepares well in 11th, because everyone’s efforts are made to get better marks in 12th, so that further admission can be done in a good college.

‘Subjects of 10th and 12th are completely different’
Regarding the inclusion of Class X numbers in the CBSE formula, a student said that this is not correct at all, because the subjects of both are different. There are no subject beans in class 10th and 11th-12th.

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