Talk between PM Modi and Putin on Afghanistan crisis, discussion lasted for 45 minutes

There have been talks between the heads of state of India and Russia regarding the current situation in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin for about 45 minutes on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the information, during this time both the leaders discussed about the latest situation in Afghanistan and the cooperation of both the countries.

Let us tell you that on the previous day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also spoken to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the issue of Afghanistan. Let us tell you that all these countries are keeping an eye on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, as well as cooperation is going on between all the countries regarding the ongoing rescue operation from Kabul Airport.

It is worth noting that India is continuously adopting the policy of wait and watch regarding Afghanistan. India’s focus is now on evacuating its citizens from there. However, the Indian government has also called a meeting on 26 August to discuss the issue of Afghanistan with all political parties.

The world is keeping an eye on the Taliban

It has been a week since the Taliban rule in Afghanistan and many countries of the world are constantly trying to evacuate their people. So far no country has talked about recognizing the Taliban, although many countries have indicated to impose sanctions. The Taliban are constantly appealing to the world to recognize them. At the same time, the Taliban has appealed to all countries to keep their embassy running. However, most countries have evacuated their embassies.

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