Taliban waved its flag in Panjshir, the commander in chief of the Northern Alliance also died

Panjshir province, which has been giving a tough competition to the Taliban in Afghanistan, has finally had to face defeat. The latest pictures coming from Panjshir show that the Taliban have taken possession there. The Taliban themselves have also claimed that they have completely conquered Panjshir. Some pictures have also come, in which a Taliban flag is installed in Panjshir, while in the other, Talibani Panjshir is seen standing outside the governor’s office.

However, a close aide of Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh has told Aaj Tak that the Taliban’s claim is false and the resistance force is protecting Panjshir from the hills. It has been claimed that Pakistani Air Force is also attacking them.

Taliban flag in Panjshir

At the same time, another claim has been made by the Taliban. It is said that they have also killed the Commander in Chief of the Resistance Force (Northern Alliance), Saleh Mohammed. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that Afghanistan’s Panjshir province has also been completely conquered. Let us tell you that Panjshir was the last province which was not occupied by the Taliban. Earlier on August 15, with the victory over Kabul, the Taliban had captured the whole of Afghanistan.

Panjshir was weakened in front of Taliban

Panjshir’s fighters started looking weak from Sunday night itself. Faheem Dashti, a spokesman for the Resistance Front and a close aide of Ahmed Masood, who was taking on the Taliban in the Valley, also died on Sunday. It was also revealed that Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh is currently safe at an undisclosed location. At the same time, Asad Mahmood is in Tajikistan for the last three days.

After the weakening, the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF) issued a statement. The statement called for a ceasefire from the Taliban and called for talks to end the war. However, the Taliban has turned down the offer of ceasefire. Apart from this, there was an appeal to give relief to the common people by removing the restrictions imposed on Panjshir.

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