Taliban trying to capture Kandahar, Afghan army ready for war

The dominance of Taliban is increasing rapidly in different parts of Afghanistan. Once again the crisis of maintaining democracy in Afghanistan has arisen. In the midst of this catastrophe, India Today reached Kandahar in Afghanistan and took stock of the situation there, which is currently surrounded by Taliban from all sides.

Kandahar is the second largest city in Afghanistan after Kabul, where the population is about 62 lakhs. At this time the city is surrounded by Taliban from all sides. Dozens of nearby police posts, check points are occupied by the Taliban, but now the biggest challenge before the Afghan Army is to save this historic city.

Saifullah, a resident of Kandahar, told India Today that all the police and army personnel have come to Kandahar, many people are going towards Kabul. Some people are also going abroad, so that they can be safe.


Let us tell you that the war between the Afghan Army and the Taliban continues in the southern area of ​​the city, where the Taliban are targeting the watch tower of Kandahar prison. A large number of weapons are deployed around the prison in Kandahar, where the Taliban are demanding that all political prisoners be released. According to Afghan soldiers, there are about 600 political prisoners present in Kandahar Jail, whom the Taliban want to free. Many Taliban prisoners have also been shifted from here to Kabul.

Foreign nationals leaving Kandahar…

Let us tell you that many other countries including India, Iran have called back their officers, people from Afghanistan, while only Pakistan’s consulate is working in Kandahar. At the same time, the surrounding villagers say that the number of Talibanis is very high in Kandahar and they are occupying the surrounding areas.

Afghanistan says that most of the Taliban fighters have come to their side from Pakistan, who have come with weapons and vehicles. It is to be known that recently Danish Siddiqui, an Indian journalist, was killed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Danish Siddiqui had gone there to report on the latest situation in Afghanistan in Kandahar.

India Today’s Ashraf Wani in Kandahar

Significantly, Afghanistan is constantly making serious allegations on Pakistan that it has a hand in promoting the Taliban. Afghanistan has taken a big decision in view of the actions of Pakistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has called back all diplomats, including his ambassador, from Pakistan. After this order, Afghanistan’s ambassador and other diplomats in Pakistan have left Islamabad and returned to Kabul.

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