Taliban took back the car-weapons, want to get out of here, the Sikh community pleaded with Kabul

After the arrival of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, there are many problems for the people of Hindu and Sikh communities living there. Recently, Taliban leaders spoke to other people including Talwinder Chawla, a Sikh community present at the Gurudwara in Kabul, and expressed confidence of security. Talwinder Chawla has now shared his experience with Aaj Tak.

According to Talwinder Chawla, the Taliban have taken back their weapons and vehicles which were given by the previous government. Vehicles, weapons were provided to the gurudwaras and other institutions by the government of Ashraf Ghani, which is now being taken back by the Taliban.

About 300 people are staying in the gurdwara present in Karte Parwan, Kabul. According to Talwinder Chawla, we are safe here right now. The situation is fine in Kabul, the Taliban are constantly circling here but not saying anything to anyone.

However, he said that now people are coming out on the streets against the Taliban in different areas except Kabul. So there is a possibility of something going wrong. However, the Taliban assured him that no Sikh or gurdwara would be harmed. But the Sikh community is skeptical of the new Taliban government.

According to Talwinder Chawla, he is in touch with the Government of India and is waiting to leave. It is our endeavor that we can take out the children and women first. He told that many miscreants come as Taliban and start looting.

Significantly, it is being said repeatedly by the Taliban that no one will face any problem in their government. Everyone will be given security, but the pictures that are coming out from different parts of Afghanistan are showing a different picture. Firing is being done by Talibanis in many places and people are being targeted.

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